Zero Image 6x9 Pinhole Camera

5 Frames with the Zero Image 6×9 Edition Pinhole Camera – By Rob Willox

All the way back in 2002 when the commercial balance between digital imaging and film imaging was beginning to shift in favour of digital I was loathed to let go of film and still harboured a deep-rooted distrust of it’s digital competitor. This made life difficult since I was a medical photographer working in a department that was fast going digital.

In a last attempt to rediscover those heady glory days of when I first discovered photography in 1987 I decided to get myself a posh pinhole camera and take it on many adventures. So I went ahead and splashed out on a Zero Image 6×9 pinhole camera. I think it cost me about £130 at the time…but I was young(ish) and the credit card could worry about that. Admittedly some years later I was forced to worry about the credit card but I digress.