Nikon FM, 28/2.8, and Hp5+

5 Frames at the Gallery with a Nikon FM – By Tony Joslin

To add another dimension to my visit to the ‘Air’ exhibition at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, I decided to take my camera along. The gallery environment provided plenty of interesting shapes, light and dark environments, colour, contrast, reflections, and the artwork itself. These images feature the hanging spheres from artist Tomás Saraceno, Dora Budor’s volcano-littered scenes inside brightly lit glass cases, Yhonnie Scarce’s Cloud Chamber, Ron Mueck’s remarkable “In bed” sculpture, and Carlos Amorales’ thousands of butterflies and moths, cut from black paper and fixed to the gallery walls. Also on display at the exhibition, and of particular interest for photographers, are Rachel Mounsey’s evocative images of the Black Summer fires in 2019.

A woman behind a window

The Girl in the Picture-Frame Window (A One-Shot Story) – By Dave Powell

She was a living painting hanging above a gloomy stone staircase. A bit of sexual theater.

This anonymous sex worker, erotic dancer, or model earned her daily bread quietly contorting amid those bonfire colors. Behind her, other darker shadows danced like black flames. But down those dark stairs, a second woman wore tight jeans, knee-high boots, a long leather topcoat, and (to perhaps preserve anonymity) a distorted white face mask.

Help! I like Dirty Pictures! – By Alex Kreisman

Yes I do! But maybe not in the way you might think! A couple of years ago, I had the chance to post an essay on one of my visits to an extermination camp in these very pages. I reviewed the article today and am blessed to find new comments that are heartwarming. I thank all of the people who actually took the time the post a comment. Thank you guys!

VALOI easy35 film scanning set up held by a person on a desk

NEWS: VALOI Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for “easy35” Making Quality 35mm Scanning Effortless and Compact

VALOI is simplifying the process of scanning 35mm film at home with the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign for the “easy35”. The VALOI easy35 design is compact and simple to use but also maintains high-quality standards found in VALOI’s other professional scanning products. With hardly any space or equipment required, this new product will …

NEWS: VALOI Launches IndieGoGo Campaign for “easy35” Making Quality 35mm Scanning Effortless and Compact Read More

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