Leica iiic competition entries (121-140)

By Hamish Gill

The Leica iiic competition is now closed to entries, but I still have loads of photos left to share. Here are photos 121-140… enjoy!


Stéphanie Mégny

I took this picture in Zurich in Switerland, with my Konica C35, an auto-focus camera. (I have a Rollei XF35 too but I bought it 35 euros so it wasn’t possible to post a photo with this camera). The film is Ilford HP5+ 400 (my favorite film).

I really like using my Konica C35 because it’s very great for Street Shots. I can quickly take a photo, like the one I send to you.

I shoot also with a Voigtlander Bessa R3a. I really enjoy rangefinder cameras, so it will be a great gift to win your camera.

(photo above)


Milos Markovic

This was taken with Minox 35GT, film was Agfapan 25 expired in 1989.

I got my Minox broken for 5€ on a photo exchange event, fixed it myself, and really love to use it. That tiny Minox is always in my pocket. Film is another story i saw an ad from some guy in downtown Belgrade selling 25 17m cans of Agfapan 25 expired in 1989 for 1€ a piece. I wanted to buy 10 cans but when i saw rust on it i bought only two and i still can’t forgive myself for not buying 10. Film was perfect. This particular frame was developed in Rodinal diluted to 1+100 and left for an hour without touching, full stand.



Oli Pringles

Taken on a halina 3000 i picked up for £4.50 from an Oxfam and a roll of Kodak gold 400 for £5.00 that my photography teacher sold to me. Hope im considered! 🙂


Jason Kass

This was shot with an Olympus XA that was/is my father in law’s. He has always been generous with letting me borrow cameras for travels. This is a shot of the great sculpture in the Aghbyurak Reservoir in Armenia. The film is Kodak Ektar. I lived in Armenia for six years and it was becoming more difficult to find a place to get C-41 developing done. The place I used charged just over one U.S. dollar to develop either 135 or 120. I have recently moved to Belgrade, Serbia and am looking forward to exploring with a camera in hand. Thanks for hosting this fun site and competition.



Robin Geys

This picture was taken with a Kodak 35mm disposable camera with expired film (still have a second one and this one is expired from 07/2007) and a sensitivity of ISO800. The photo is taken during the winter of 2010 in Gouvy, a sleepy town in Belgium. It was windy and cold (-7°C ~ 20°F). Post-processing involved scanning, cropping and removing a smudge since the photo had something sticking to it. If you want I can always send the original scan for comparison.



Colin Higgins

Boxing Day 2014. Taken on an Olympus MjuIII 80, 38-80mm lens, Agfa Vista 400 from Poundland. Total cost £8. Home processed C41.


Noel Parsons

I had heard good things about the Nikon L35AF and its 5-element f/2.8 35mm lens, so when I saw one marked at $2.00 at a local thrift shop, I took it to the counter. The clerk said, “Oh, that’s from the half-price table. One dollar, please.” After I got it home, I realized it was the ASA 1000 version (earlier ones go only to ASA 400) and that it had a 46mm 1A filter on the lens. Also, the on/off switch was loose, and the battery cover didn’t hold closed well—nothing a couple of pieces of black electrical tape couldn’t fix.

The photo I’m entering was made on Kodacolor Gold 200, about $5.00 a roll at the time. So the total I spent for camera, film, two AA batteries, a couple of pieces of tape, and drugstore processing was less $15.00. Not a bad deal for this kind of quality and fun.

I took this photo, Beachcombers, of my daughter and grandson at Ponte Vedra Beach on the northeast coast of Florida in mid-morning in late November, 2011. The color of the sand was made more golden by the 1A filter, and like some of the other shots on the roll, this one shows the slight amount of light fall-off toward the corners that the lens is known for. And the contrast of the drugstore scans is a little greater than I would normally prefer, although it does bring out dramatic tones in the breakers and the beach in this shot. Still, I think it’s evocative of a day spent searching for treasures at the edge of the great blue sea.



Paul Foreman

Swamp in Crenshaw County, Alabama (we live in Lapine, a tiny community in Crenshaw County). I knew the camera’s meter would read the sun, and give me the underexposure for the trees and spanish moss that i wanted.
Shot this month, early morning, with a Nikon One Touch, bought for $5 at an antiques/flea market store.
HP5 film, bought months ago, developed in HC-110 one shot at 75F for 10.5 minutes.
Scanned on an Epson 4490 at 3200 dpi, edited in iPhoto.
This plastic fantastic auto-focus camera has an excellent 35/2.8 lens. It’s big drawback is that the focus spot is dead center, and cannot be held at half-push to focus on something not in the center, then moved to compose, and then fired. So it is at its best at infinity, or in composing dead center.

swamp for contest 179


Harald Carlinger

Hi I’m a Stockholm based 17 year old photographer, who loves to collect cameras! But I think you can recall or perhaps imagine that a 17 year old as myself doesn’t have much of a budget, so I mostly buy beat up cameras from my local thrift shops!
This photo was taken with my beat up minox 35 GT, hard to love but even harder to hate! This 80’s compact is one of my favorite cameras and I hope you see it’s charm as well!


Brad Bireley

Photo was shot with Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim that I bought or $2.00. Film was expired Agfa Vista 800 that I got for free.


Jack Song

My name is Jack and I live in Rochester, New York. I have been a fan of your website since December last year and I am pretty excited about this contest.

Please see the attachment for my photo. It was taken with an Olympus infinity zoom 80 that I found at goodwill for $1.99. My favorite feature for this camera is that it is “weather-sealed”. The film I used was ilford HP5+ at 400 (about $6 retail but I bulk loaded mine so the cost was about $2.5).

The picture was taken on a boat down by the Niagara Falls. It was kind of gloomy that day and it was quite foggy near the falls. I think it is a great combination so I took this shot. Hope you like it and I look forward to hear from you soon.



Francesco Rossini

This picture has been taken on a Excell Camera, which I found on Ebay for about €2. At the time I was looking for a particolar point and shoot that I used when I was a child and bought a lot of those kind of cameras because I wanted a simple, small camera to bring with me all the time during summer and at night, because I wanted some candid photos of my friends and I had a project in mind (I wanted to take pictures of people on the bus and from the bus, I never actually managed to did that, but I still bought some point and shoot cameras). It has no shooting option except for the format (normal 35mm or panorama) and the battery compartment was corroded (so no flash).

The film is Lucky 100 B&W, a cheap chinese film, the first one bought to learn how to use anologue camera (it was the cheapest I could find before I started to buy bulk film). I still kinda like it, it was very contrasty and I usually overdeveloped and pushed it (sometimes even to 3200 asa!).

The frame has been scanned with a DSRL and a tube of pringles and the colors inverted in paint.net.


Tom Perry

This is my entry. It was taken on an XA3 on Vista 200 film, total cost of £6.




My submission is from a Canon Sure Shot AF35M II (aka “Autoboy 2” and the “[New] Sure Shot”). I decided that it would be fun to try a “new” point and shoot just for the competition. I had recently bought a Yashica AF Motor that I thought would be a good candidate, but then I found the *very* similar Sure Shot so decided to test them together, including shooting the same subject at the same time for half a roll or so. There is very little to choose between the cameras and the pictures they produced. The one I am submitting is from the test pairs I shot. The Yashica exposes a bit more brightly and the colour was not as compelling as in this version, which is the only reason I chose it.

The Sure Shot dates to 1983. It has a 38mm/f2.8 lens of a very satisfactory quality but the camera case is horrible plastic. With my one, the front of the case is separating from the rest of the body, which can turn the camera off if it pulls out a bit. The aperture ranges up to f16 and the shutter speed from 1/8 to 1/500 sec. Neither aperture nor shutter speed can be set or controlled directly. On my version of this model, the ISO ranges from 50 to 1000. Focusing is via infrared and ranges from 3 feet to infinity. It is possible to pre-focus (focus lock) a shot using the self timer lever which is not all that convenient but at least it has this feature. Power is supplied by two AA batteries, which is a huge attraction for an older model camera.

The camera cost $9.99CAN at a local charity shop which seems consistent with on line auction prices. The film is Fuji Superia X-TRA 400 that expired in 2004. I got the film in a camera case with complete kit. Including the rolls of film there were 38 separate items. The simplest (though absurd) way of calculating film cost is to divide the number of items into the cost, which means I paid $1.32CAN for this roll of film. Processing was done at a local photography store “Lens and Shutter” and cost $5.05 with taxes. In total my entry costs were $16.36CAN, or at the current rate, £8.47.

I would recommend this camera pretty highly if one can be found in good shape – it meters well, has a good lens, has some control over focus and the flash can be turned off during night shooting, or on during the day for fill light. The main downside is the noise when film advances, but if you hold your finger on the shutter after taking the shot it does not advance until you let go, so there is a workaround. It is a bit bulky, especially when compared to an XA or µ[mju:]-II, but fits in a coat pocket just fine.


Maulana Randa

Hello Hamish, my name is Randa, I’m from Indonesia. Sorry for this late submission for your leica contest. The reason is because I have to finish my first roll from this camera. Yes, this is my first roll of this camera, Minolta Af101R. This is an autofocus (kinda) camera with 28mm lens, fixed f/5.6 aperture, and fixed 1/125 shutter speed. no control for the flash except a lever that have to be hold to force the camera to not fire the flash. Not a really convenience way if you want to shoot street photography discreetly. The name of the camera indicates that it is an autofocus camera, but I think it is not. lol. Because when I’m using it I did not hear any sound indicating that an autofocusing system is working. And with 28mm f/5.6 lens, I think the DOF is enough to create a sharp image. From a website that i’ve read, it will focus from 1.2 meter to infinity. But there’s so little information or review about this camera on the net, so i didn’t know what i’m gonna get with this camera.

And so i drop a roll of expired kodak hawkeye B/W film asa 400 that I bought around $2 (rolled from bulk). The camera itself is around $6 that I bought from a local camera seller. I do a test roll shooting my family and friends. And then I read about your contest and I think I want to enter your contest using this camera. After that I start to shoot things that I think will look interesting with this camera that me myself didn’t know yet what it will give to me.

After finishing a roll I developed it and scan, and really surprised with the result that I got. The images are really sharp, the contrast is enough, and the wideness of 28mm is exquisite!

About the image, it was taken at a park called “Swan Park” in Jakarta, because there use to be many swan on the lake at the park. I get there in hope to take a picture of swans swim gracefully on the lake. But when i arrived, there is no swan at all. So i just walking around the park and when i approached the edge of the lake I saw a brazilian turlte sunning at the edge of the lake. Then I approached it silently, squat, and point my camera to that turtle without looking at the viewfinder, and Hope I get it in focus and compositionally good. And I think I got it. lol. Looking at my first roll from this camera, I can say that this camera can deliver a good image with many of its limitation.

Maulana Randa - leica iif contest


Andrea Ingram

Pentax Espio170sl.
The film was Tmax 400.
Dunked in my developer of choice – Rodinal for 12 mins.



Sasha Averin

I tried to capture the intensity of tug-of-war game between two teams of children during traditional russian celebration of the end of winter — Maslenitsa.

It was shot on a little kodak compact. It was in our family since I was a child, so I’m not entirely sure about it’s market price at that day, but now it is totally fits challenge requirements: it is plastic, point-and-shoot and automatic 🙂

Film I used is Ilford Pan 400, which I had in bulk for my year long challenge to use only one camera/lens/film combination. It is one of the cheapest (if not the most) of BW-films available here, so it also should qualify.


Nikita Bochkarev

Camera: Rollei Prego 145 (8,5 GBP)
Film: Rossman 200 (1 GBP)


Valme Domínguez

My name is Valme and I’m sending you this picture for the contest.
The camera I used is an Olympus Pen EE3, a half frame camera that uses half the size of a 35mm frame. The camera has been at home forever. I’s the family camera.
The film I used is the Ilford FP4 Plus 125.

In the picture you can see a gruop of kids, wondering what the fisherman has fished.


Luthfi Agung Zulfikar

The picture tells about a rider who wait for years just seeing a stucked car. I didn’t know why the car driver thinks he can get through the small alley.

Camera : Fuji DL-8 ($4)
Film : Polypan F50 ($3)
Developer : Micro MF

I bought this camera a year go from indonesian internet forum for Rp50000, it’s about $4.
It’s plasticky fixed focus camera, with single exposure setting.
I’ve never shot with it because I knew the result would not impress me. Beside I didn’t know exactly what aperture & shutter speed the camera have.

A week a go, I decided to try shooting with the camera after I read your post about winning the leica. Loaded with polypan F50 (cost $2 or $3), I try to shot it in various lighting condition to meet exact exposure setting. then developed by myself with Micro-MF developer. It’s indonesian brand developer, Some said the formula is similar with D76



As I said at the top, it’s too late to enter now, but keep your eye out for the rest of the entries. I will then announce the final ten hopefully next weekend!



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Bogdan on Leica iiic competition entries (121-140)

Comment posted: 01/03/2015

Great job, Hamish, indeed a joy to the eye and the soul! After all, I guess it's not for the sake of the prize, but for the idea that should be widely promoted: photography is an art of beauty, no matter the gear!
Congrats and thanks to all of you who shared your photos!
Keep up the good work, Hamish, and all the best to you!


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lu on Leica iiic competition entries (121-140)

Comment posted: 05/03/2015

my favorites 4. 14

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Valentin on Leica iiic competition entries (121-140)

Comment posted: 05/03/2015

From this set i like Jason Kass's. It's unrealy (i think i invented a word there).

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