Minolta Alpha Sweet

5 Frames with a Minolta Alpha Sweet – By Ian

Starting the year right with shooting film gave my energy the right positive boost. A week before the Taal volcano erupted we went on a quick break to Tagaytay. It is a tourist city that is on a ridge that is overlooking the Taal lake.

I took out the Minolta Alpha Sweet for a test drive. It was one of the few Autofocus SLRs I have shot to date and I think am going to use this camera again. I almost take for granted the convenience of an autofocus feature when shooting SLRs and rangefinders and with this camera, you wouldn’t even miss it. The dedicated AF button on this subtle shooter was spot on. It is perfectly placed at the back along with a spot AE lock. The autofocus was unexpectedly fast both using a prime 50mm and a zoom lens. Overall, I like the bareness of the controls found here. It was functional and unpretentious.

The ease of use of the camera was a joy. I was particularly impressed with the eye start feature. Just turn on the camera and place your eye on the viewfinder. It automatically focuses in the center of the frame then you are ready to go. With its simplicity, the Minolta Alpha Sweet does come standard with the P, A, S, and M modes you often see with cameras nowadays. It also uses two CR2 batteries that doesn’t add that much weight and more importantly easily available to find. It also has all the basic common features of an SLR, but with the emphasis on its Auto Focus feature.

Taal Volcano | Minolta Alpha Sweet | Kodak Ultramax | 50mm 1.7

A View from Balay Dako | Minolta Alpha Sweet | Kodak Ultramax | 50mm 1.7

freshly cooked Piaya from Balay Dako | Minolta Alpha Sweet | Kodak Ultramax | 50mm 1.7

a cart left outside a mall | Minolta Alpha Sweet | Kodak Ultramax | 50mm 1.7

a fan enjoying the breeze | Minolta Alpha Sweet | Kodak Ultramax | 50mm 1.7

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