Diversity and the Traveling Yashica in Dubai, UAE

I was lucky to have the Traveling Yashica  for 2 days. I have been always a fan of film cameras and film effects, although I do own a very old manual film Yashica, but I never got the chance to use it as much as I hoped. I loved the grain which you see in the photos, it gives an old artistic touch I believe. The size of the camera was smaller than what I expected but for street photography nothing is more convenient than a camera that can easily go into my purse without drawing attention. It took me few shots to understand the frame in the view finder, but I easily got it.

The brilliance of the idea is that it allows amateurs and professional photographers around the world and not necessarily well-known to come together and be part of one single project where each can learn from another. I found it very motivating and inspiring. 

The photos shows the daily life for various of people during a working day in random places.

People come to Dubai for different reasons, some people form their own life style, others just take whatever chances they can get , some people choose to make money, others choose to make dreams come true. But many are simply living! Dubai is the land that holds many cultures, traditions and believes, It’s the land of opportunities and possibilities. But, happiness is a decision totally left to you.









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