The Rumour Mill Spins On New Leica Camera

The rumour mill has whispered of a new Leica “M” film camera that might be announced in October in Germany. has announced they are aware of a press event that has been organized by the premium camera brand and that the new camera has already been out in the field, being tested by photographers.

I visited a Leica store in London this summer to check out the Bruce Gilden exhibit held there. During my visit, a staff member told me Leica usually releases a new camera every 10 years or so. The last new film camera release was in 2014 when they brought the Leica M-A to the market. They did recently release a “Titan” limited edition version of the Leica M-A film camera for $20k which was made featured titanium. There were only 250 units produced. However this was a special edition of an existing model, so it’s about time for a new film camera from the German manufacturer.

Leica is one of the few companies that are still currently producing film cameras, although it seems they have had trouble keeping up with demand lately. The current models in production are the M-A (Typ 127) and the MP.

Leica sign at night
Photo by Paul Volkmer

The Leica M-A (Typ 127) is a fully mechanical camera with no light meter and no battery. The design was intended to be timeless and one example of the interpretation of this concept is the red dot of Leica branding is purposely missing so as to give an air of understatement.

The MP, on the other hand, comes with a light meter but doesn’t need batteries to operate for photographers that don’t want to use the in-camera metering system. This camera also does not have the red dot in order to maintain a low profile. Leica says this camera can handle all types of weather and is made to last a lifetime, the body being fully metal. (Source: Leica Camera)

As with anything from the rumour mill, it would be wise to take it with a grain of salt. It was rumored from the same source in December 2020 that Leica would release a new M type film camera but it didn’t happen.

While the rumor site mentions a press event from Leica in October in Germany, in the same month, the International Leica Society (LHSA) is hosting their annual conference in Dublin where comments will be heard from Stefan Daniel, Leica’s Executive Vice President and Peter Karbe, Head of Optical Engineering of Leica AG, and Mike Giannattasio, President and Kiran Karnani, VP Marketing of Leica Camera Inc. (Source: LHSA)

It will be interesting to see if anything is mentioned there. Right now, there are no press events or news from Leica directly so we will have to wait and see!

Featured Image by Luca Bravo

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5 thoughts on “The Rumour Mill Spins On New Leica Camera”

  1. In 2021 Stefan Daniel of Leica said no chance there would be an affordable film Leica. The used market is for that.
    As for Leica selling all the film Ms they can make? We have no idea how many they make! If they only make 500 a year, selling out is not a big deal.
    A few years back I saw a Leica video taken in the factory that showed in one scene the film Ms being assembled. There is literally only one person doing it!
    I think if a new film Leica will be released it would either be a new CM (the camera that was Leica’s Contax T3) as there is a demand for the top end P&S cameras. Or another Leica Fuji Instax SOFORT.
    Unfortunately my money is on a new SOFORT. Even though what I want is a new M7 with a 1/8000 sec shutter (Leica did that in the filn R8/R9) and no DX reader!

  2. Ok Leica here’s your new feature challenge: changeable viewfinder zoom! If you’re shooting 50mm then the life-size 1:1 magnification, a standard set by the the 1950s Nikon S-mount rangefinders, has yet to be met on a Leica. But yeah it’ll have to be adjustable to 0.72x for the wide angle shooters cuz that’s a lot of your customers.

  3. Whatever. The cost will be too high for most serious photographers. Maybe they’ll issue a limited edition “street shooter” copy for bitcoin investors. But hey, go for it Mr. Leica.

    If the chairman/president of Leica really deferred to the used camera market place for Leica film cameras, then Leica should offer a CLA at a reasonable price for any used Leica gear you buy.

    And yes, I’ve used Leica M’s for decades and work with my M2 or M4-P almost on a daily basis.

    1. At least Leica *will* service a 50 year old camera (even if it costs an arm and a leg). I can’t see Pentax being interested in servicing my SV…

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