Pergear releases 35mm F1.4 Full Frame for E/Z/EOS-R/L Mount for $129

By Molly Kate

Pergear has released a new, bright and affordable 35mm F1.4 manual focus full frame lens for the Sony E-mount, Canon RF-mount, Nikon Z-mount and L-mount.

While a distributor for products from other brands such as Godox, TTArtisan, Zhiyun, 7Artisans, and others, Pergear has also created their own line of branded products including lenses for Fujifilm, Sony, Nikon, M4/3, Canon, and other camera systems. The company based on Hong-Kong time aims to create cost-effective products that allow photographers to save a chunk of their budget while still able to create quality images.

Pergear 35mm f1.4 on the Canon EOS R
Image courtesy of Pergear

Lens Features

Made entirely of metal, the sturdy lens can be had for $129 (USD), which is comparatively affordable when considering the native mount (Sony, Canon, Nikon, Leica) manufacturer’s prices. It is constructed with seven elements in five groups. The front element features a multi-layer coating to fight ghosting and flare when shooting in strong sunny conditions. A 43mm lens hood also comes in the box as another defense against flaring from the sun. While the lens is designed as full frame, it can also be used on APS-C cameras but with the focal length equivalent of 52.5mm.

Pergear 35mm f1.4
Image courtesy of Pergear

The closest focus distance for the lens is 30cm. Aperture ring is nicely clicked from F1.4 to F16. A 10-blade aperture diaphragm boasts smoother buttery bokeh. Weighing 245g and keeping to a low height of 4.9cm, the lens is on the smaller side, making it a nice companion for compact full frame (or APS-C) mirrorless cameras.

Pergear 35mm f1.4 six different images in one
Image courtesy of Pergear

Pergear recommends this lens particularly for photographers interested in portraits, street scenes, macro photography, travel photography, and other situations where a 63.2° angle of view would be interesting. (Source: Pergear)

Pergear 35mm f1.4 sample images
Image courtesy of Pergear
Pergear 35mm f1.4 sample images
Image courtesy of Pergear

Check out Pergear’s website here for more information and of course, if you are interested in doing some Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping!

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