New Fresh Kodak Vision3 and ECN-2 Chemistry from FlicFilm

By Molly Kate

Canadian film cassette manufacturer, FlicFilm, has introduced Vision3 cine film in still format along with ECN-2 chemistry to create the perfect pairing for consistent and top quality color film results.

FlicFilm uses fresh film direct from Eastman Kodak Company and loads into recyclable 35mm cassettes with machines that can handle the 1000’ rolls sent from Kodak without breaking them down further. This means the fresh film is disturbed as little as possible when finishing into the 35mm canisters.

500t vision3 from flicfilm
Image courtesy of FlicFilm

David Marshall, President of FlicFilm, runs an analogue camera store called the Film Experience Camera Store. His story with Vision3 started when a customer of the store asked if he would supply Cinestill 800T.

“When I called them [Cinestill], they didn’t have inventory and couldn’t give me a time when they would so I bought some unadulterated Vision3 from Freestyle and gave it a whirl, developing with C-41” – Dave Marshall, FlicFilm

However, he says he was not happy with the initial results, “I used a Remjet removal prebath, which was fine, but the color temperatures were off by about 400 degrees Kelvin and the acuity was pretty poor. I had read similar complaints about the Cinestill film, though there are many fans as well. Vision3 is a movie film and the movies that have been shot with it look incredible so it was pretty obvious that cross-processing the film was not good. I dug around for formulas and did some experimenting with blending ECN-2 chemistry until I came up with a set of formulas very close to what the movie production houses use. The results I came up with were incredible.”

ecn-2 chemsitry kit from flicfilm
Image courtesy of FlicFilm

For his personal work, Dave says he usually uses medium format. 35mm was only to test new film stocks. But the experiments with 35mm Vision3 changed his mind.

He says, “The 50D stock is able to be printed 24″ X 26″ with superb results. Knowing that I would shoot a lot of this, and being relatively sure I didn’t want to pack around my hefty Nikon F5 a whole lot, I bought an F6 (just before Nikon ran out of them). With a credible formula in hand and the ability to produce home kits in volume, it was time to bring on the film.”

hay field with blue skies taken on 50D
Image used with permission from FlicFilm, taken on 50D

There are a few companies that have already been selling Vision3 in the film market. Dave explains this is usually done by buying bigger roll ends from the movie industry and hand rolling into 35mm canisters using bulk loaders that can be limited in the size roll they can fit. He mentions that the movie film can be beaten up in breaking down and handling the rolls and often the freshness is unknown.

So what was his solution?

Dave says, “I had two machines built that are a direct load of 1000′ reels, the only handling being the initial few inches of film. We then use machines to wind and finish the film with a minimal amount of human contact and a high degree of consistency.”

From being an almost exclusive medium format shooter, Dave’s turnaround to 35mm film with Vision3 is energizing, especially when he is creating this product for the market to enjoy as well. His description of Vision3 would practically make any film enthusiast salivate, “Vision3 is probably the finest all around color film available. It has the contrast of Ektar, the skin tones of Portra (and a bit better again) and the depth and saturation of Ektachrome. Our contribution is providing the correct developer and high quality consistent film stock.”

old car in field on sunny day
Image used with permission from FlicFilm, taken on 50D by Dalton H

Find out where to buy FlicFilm’s Vision3 and chemistry from their website here. They have a UK distributor, Silverprint, where folks on the opposite side of the “pond” and worldwide can order from.

In addition to the Vision3, you can also find Kodak Double-X available from FlicFilm as well as the chemistry they recommend to process it.

Check out FlicFilm’s Youtube Channel and Instagram for more images taken with their available films!

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By Molly Kate
Photographer, writer, and CPA currently running a Youtube channel called Eclectachrome. I'm a huge fan of shiny new objects which makes writing news a perfect fit. Favorite cameras are often mechanical rangefinders, folders, and compacts and I love most film stocks. I enjoy developing and scanning my own film as well as printing in the darkroom when there's extra time!
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Vlad Serebryany on New Fresh Kodak Vision3 and ECN-2 Chemistry from FlicFilm

Comment posted: 03/09/2022

This is all exciting and good, but in the end single roll of Flicfilm Vision3 ends up costing $13.49 at B&H. Not much of the saving is passed to the photographers. Flicfilms minimal order is $500. So unless few folks cooperate and place order together they will not see any cost savings.

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ºColor-Solinarº on New Fresh Kodak Vision3 and ECN-2 Chemistry from FlicFilm

Comment posted: 06/09/2022

I'm so glad to see FlicFilm getting a shout out here as they have EXCELLENT products. I was at Dave's Film Experience Camera Store in Longview, Alberta at the end of summer 2021 and Dave was awesome/very accommodating to let me show up during non-business hours and buy some tasty treats!

I'm just about to make up my third FlicFilm C-41_8-roll kit this year and I've gone through two ECN-2_8 roll kits and both have been fantastic and work exactly as directed in the instructions. They sell the larger 1L-16 roll kit but for me, the 580ml-8 roll capacity size is the perfect fit and all the chemicals are very fresh and all dissolve easily/quickly. The bleach and fixer are separated in both types of kits too so anyone wanting to use the 'skip bleach' process will be well suited. I'm definitely going to be giving that a go for a future project.

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