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Film Photography News and Interesting Reading – 4/3/2019 – By Ray Goodwin

March 4, 2019

Dauntless Exploration

Intrepid have stormed the large format world, with an affordable package that allows one to get into the 4×5, or even 8×10, world of analogue photography. Now, they have released a zine featuring photographs taken only with large format. The first issue is now available and only costs £7!

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Seeing Dubble

Hey! Are you looking for some odd, quirky and oddball 35mm films to try? Then Dubblefilm has answered your prayers. They’re now updated and revamped for 2019 for you to enjoy!

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Welcome To The Family

Nick Orloff writes a nice review on Emulsive about the Nikon F3, and finally getting his hands on one. The F3 is certainly an icon within the photographic community and often held in such a high regard, and it’s not hard to see why with Nick’s post.

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Been There, Got The T-Shirt

I reported recently that Kosmo Foto released a medium format film, and that isn’t the only new thing they have announced. Kosmo now have a nice new t-shirt design: the Cassettalite! You can pre-order the shirt right now on Kosmo Foto.

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It’s really not, you know!

It this post from Ray Larose, he shares (his words) “a bit of an unconstructed babble” around the need, or indeed lack of need for the latest, greatest, biggest, most expensive camera… He’s right too!

More next week!

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