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NEWS: Dubblefilm Brings Back Analogue TV Distortion with Fun New Film GLITCH

Dubblefilm is on a roll, releasing yet another new creative film to delight analogue photographers. GLITCH is a black and white 35mm film with a special effect that transports us back to the 90s when VHS tapes and analogue television were a common experience. We might have forgotten the typical glitch of analogue TV and movie tapes in today’s world of high definition, but Dubblefilm is more than happy to remind us of it.

The 35mm canisters are loaded with 36 exposures with a box speed of ISO 200. Retail price will be £12 or $12.50 or €13.80. You can order from Dubblefilm’s website directly with worldwide shipping or browse their selected retailers’ webpage to find a shop in your area.

dubblefilm GLITCH 35mm black and white creative film portrait
Image courtesy of Dubblefilm

Speaking with Dubblefilm’s Founder and CEO Adam Scott, he says the GLITCH effect was found on a frame during their R&D process which explored the result of adding textures to black and white film. It sparked a flashback as growing up in the 90s, he said this texture was common to see.

For those that lived this effect, it will be sure to bring back some nostalgia but for others born after this era, it might be intriguing to explore using it creatively.

One creative way of using this film is to make GIFs as you can see in the examples Dubblefilm has provided us with. The GIFs bring to life the GLITCH effect as it might have been seen 30 or so years ago. As the glitch varies from frame to frame, it truly does embody the experience of a VHS tape gone bad or even rewinding one.

dubblefilm GLITCH 35mm black and white creative film skate park scene
Image courtesy of Dubblefilm

dubblefilm GLITCH 35mm black and white creative film portrait GIF
Image courtesy of Dubblefilm

Dubblefilm is known for its creative films, which are available now in both 35mm and 120 versions. Amongst their recently released revelations are a colour film called TREAT, 120 versions of their most popular creative films, a special version of their SHOW camera, and a camera case called COMPY. Oh, and they also opened a film lab. This analogue company has been busy! Check out their whole range of products and services on their website here.

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4 thoughts on “NEWS: Dubblefilm Brings Back Analogue TV Distortion with Fun New Film GLITCH”

  1. Graham Orbell

    Molly, the cynic in me likes to think that Dubblefilm accidentally made a dud batch of film, and instead of dumping it their marketing department decided to promote it as being “creative”. If I want random scratch marks on my film, I’ll make them myself. Meanwhile I’ll try to avoid them.

    1. Hiya Graham! The cynic in you meets the optimist in me lol The effect looks intentional to me rather than scratches, it’s almost like a pre exposed film. The coolest use of it for me would be to make GIFs like they have done already or with my 3D camera! Back to your inner cynic though, Dubblefilm does say something along the lines of this film isn’t for the cynics haha But also I like to mostly live by the motto, don’t knock something until you’ve tried it and given it a genuine open minded attempt 😉

  2. The Gifs do look quite cool and remind me of video tape

    But the ironic thing is – video and these effects is the precursor to Digital rather than to have anything to do with Film.

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