Alan Marshall exhibition Industrial Beauty prints

EVENT: Alan Marshall’s “Industrial Beauty” Exhibition in Sheffield Finds Humanity in the Extreme

An exhibition is being held for the work of industrial photographer, Alan Marshall, at the School of Philosophy in Sheffield until this Friday, June 9, 2023. Marshall’s work focuses on the intersection of art and design within an expanding industrial setting between the 1960s and mid-1970s.

Open every day from Sunday until Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, the exhibition titled “Alan Marshall: Industrial Beauty ” displays 16 photographs from Marshall’s collection of commissioned work. Many of the images were created in Sheffield and South Wales in smelting and steelworks but a few are from other locations such as oil rigs, pharmaceuticals and distilleries.

Alan Marshall exhibition Industrial Beauty prints
Images courtesy of David Marshall

“All have an artistic eye which identifies him as a leading photographer of the period – 1960’s to 80’s – when art and design really began to cross the industrial shop floor and show the beauty of processes. Alan described his work as ‘Painting with Light’. He is proud of this period of his professional career and its origins in Sheffield.” – Sheffield Photographic Society

Marshall’s work focuses on finding “beauty in the extreme” and capturing humanity within the intensity of the industrial world.

“His work, similar in focus to the earlier work of Maurice Broomfield, is little known today and deserves greater focus for its attention to both the gritty reality and beauty of late 20th-century industry in the U.K. and Europe. ” – David Marshall, Alan’s son.

Alan Marshall exhibition Industrial Beauty prints
Images courtesy of David Marshall

While currently living in London, Marshall grew up in Sheffield and was inspired by his father to pick up photography. The two would experiment with darkroom techniques on their kitchen table. (Sheffield Photographic Society)

“It’s a small and beautiful exhibition of professional and award-winning photographs. Alan Marshall is an ‘alumni’ of Sheffield Photographic Society and attended meetings with his father as a young boy from 10-15years (1944-49) kindling his fascination with photography.” – Sheffield Photographic Society

Marshall would later go on to receive the scholarship award from Eastman Kodak in 1960 as well as the Royal Photographic Society Hood Medal in 1961.

You can find the School of Philosophy at 78 Carter Knowle Road, Sheffield, S7 2DX. For more information, contact The School of Philosophy at 0114 255 0928 or the exhibition organiser at 07908 188 034.

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1 thought on “EVENT: Alan Marshall’s “Industrial Beauty” Exhibition in Sheffield Finds Humanity in the Extreme”

  1. Castelli Daniel

    In 1970, when I was a mere pup, I took a job in a small factory that made precision timing equipment for industrial use. Once a week, I had to pick up rough cast iron cases from a foundry. It was like walking through the gates of hell. The intense heat, burning oil & sand and the dim light cemented my desire to get an education. The conditions these men worked in was horrible. The photo of the molten metal is beautiful, but it belies the harsh working conditions. I have deep respect for people who work in such jobs.

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