New TTArtisan APS-C 35mm F0.95 Lens for E/X/EOS-M/Z/RF/L Mount Systems

By Molly Kate

Attention bokeh lovers! A new affordable dreamy bokehlicious lens from TTArtisan comes in the form of a 35mm F0.95 metal lightweight construction created for an extensive range of camera systems. Available for the E/X/EOS-M/Z/RF/L mounts, the TTArtisan lens will turn heads with its bright aperture, compact form factor, and relatively low price of $199.

ttartisan 35mm f0.95 lens on plain white background
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

If you are a low-light shooter, you will appreciate the extra stops of light a bright aperture can add. Allowing higher image quality with either a faster shutter speed or lower ISO, the TTArtisan 35mm F0.95 is also compact and weighs only 247g. Looking in comparison at similar 35mm lenses with super bright apertures from native mount manufacturers, the prices and sizes are much larger generally across the board. However, one of the features missing is autofocus, which drives the lens cost down. If you don’t mind focusing in manual mode only, then you will appreciate the cost savings here.

ttartisan 35mm f0.95 lens on nikon z camera
Image courtesy of TTArtisan
ttartisan 35mm f0.95 lens dimensions and specs chart
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

The lens design is intended to have an elegant yet retro feel which TTArtisan say can be appreciated as a work of art as much as it can be used to create works of art. It is a fully metal construction involving anodized aviation grade aluminum. The anodizing process involves putting the material through electrochemical manipulations that convert the metal surfaces into a durable and corrosion-resistant finish.

ttartisan 35mm f0.95 lenes on black background
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

The aperture ring is clicked from F0.95 to F16 which is a nice mechanical feature popular amongst users. This creates a pleasant sound when changing apertures and tension that lets you know the aperture has settled nicely and won’t easily move around. Another clever feature is a threaded front lens cap that screws on so it is less likely to be knocked off accidentally.

ttartisan 35mm f0.95 lens optical design
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

Able to focus up to 0.35m away, the lens allows photographers to get closer to their subjects, which in turn will create even dreamier bokeh along with the help of the 10-blade aperture diaphragm.

Head over to the TTArtisan website to find more information on this bokehlicious lens here.

ttartisan 35mm f0.95 lens packaging
Image courtesy of TTArtisan

Images and information courtesy of TTArtisan.

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