35mm Compact Camera Photographer #24 – Gran Angular

Hello Compact Shooters!

My name is Hugo Mireles aka Gran Angular (wide angle), I’m 27 and I’m from Mexico. I really enjoy using wide angle lenses and I have the idea that all lifetime situations fit better using these focal lengths. It’s also awesome to get in close to street scenes.

My father introduced me to the photography world around 20 years ago. The reason? He was school photographer at Grambling State University in Louisiana at late 70’s. He was always teaching me how to use a camera, how to compose, expose and the most important part, how to shoot. Also, when I was a child I spent a lot of time looking at slides, negatives and prints from his university work, so I have always been involved in photography.

Around 3 years ago – motivated by my dear girlfriend Andrea – I decided to start my Gran Angular project on Instagram using just my iPhone with the objective of documenting my city. A few months later I found a mobile photo contest addressed to cultural heritage organized by the  Council for Culture and Arts of Nuevo Leon (CONARTE), and guess what, I won the second place on the Intangible Cultural Heritage category.

iPhone 4 & Mathias Goeritz Sculpture

A year later I met my very good friend Jeff, who loaned me his Yashica GSN for 2 months. After that, I never went back to digital. After almost a year of experimentation with rangefinder and SLR’s cameras, I’m here sharing my experience with compact cameras.

I’m now 2 years into film photography (more than a year using compact cameras). The sort of photography that I enjoy is street photography, but also I take photos of my trips away, and also when I go out to run the street to get some daily miles.

During the last year, I’;ve tried a few compact cameras such as the Olympus Mju-ii, Yashica T4, Canon Sureshot & AF35ML.

Olympus Mjuii
Yashica T4

But my favorite camera and partner in crime is my Ricoh GR1v. I always carry it with me, either in my jeans or jacket pocket, in a crossbody bag and even in a waist bag when I go for a run.

ricoh gr1v & hp5 400
ricoh gr1v & tri-x 400

The shooting experience with compact cameras and especially the Ricoh GR1v is totally amazing. You can go and stop anywhere you like to take a photo, and when I said anywhere I mean anywhere. Because you don’t have a noisy tank by your face, you’re not gonna be spotted easy, and the best part is that you’re gonna walking around with very lightweight gear.

ricoh gr1v & delta 100
ricoh gr1v & delta 100

In few words, if you are a medium format or even SLR photographer, please try a compact camera – just for fun or pure experience – you won’t regret it!

ricoh gr1v & neopan 400
ricoh gr1v & hp5 400
ricoh gr1v & delta 100
ricoh gr1v & delta 100
ricoh gr1v & tri-x 400
ricoh gr1v & pan 400

If you wanna see more of my photos please go and visit my Instagram Account: www.instagram.com/gran_angular


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11 thoughts on “35mm Compact Camera Photographer #24 – Gran Angular”

  1. Great work.
    There’s a reason I don’t like usually compact cameras. I feel comfortable with some weight, to settle my view and handling something solid. I prefer facing the subject.

  2. Wow, some really great shots there, Hugo. Standouts for me are the young boy and the big shadow, and the family in the hills overlooking the city. Really wonderful shots. Inspiring.

  3. Some very nice images here. Plus a trip down memory lane: one of the first photographic exhibitions I went to was by Bravo…

  4. Wonderful work. Love to see such a large community out there still shooting point & shoots. The size of the GR1 series and the added control over other point and shoots make this thing a wonder to use in the streets. Can’t believe I waited so long to pick one up. I must say the Stylus lens is a stunner as well.

    1. Lot of thanks Jesse. GR1 series is totally amazing and just like you said, it works awsome on the streets. Don’t let it pass more time, just buy one.

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