Leica iiic Competition Entires (161-180)

By Hamish Gill

The penultimate set of entires from the Leica iiic competition. I’ll get the final set up tomorrow morning hopefully, then I just have the task of picking the 10 finalists


Lee Basford

This camera was given to me by my brothers father in law along with a nasty 80’s or 90’s Minolta SLR which i’ve never used because it doesn’t work without an odd shaped battery.
The film was a roll of Fuji colour 200 I bough a few multi packs of through ebay when I was getting back into film photography, mainly because it was cheap, but i’ve always preferred Fuji’s colours. It was developed at one of the few remaining professional photo labs in Birmingham Ag Photolab.

As for the photograph, It was taken on the first roll of film I put through this camera with tape around the openings because the light seals had pretty much disappeared. It was shot in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter on one of the last Friday lunch’s I went on from the design company I’d been working at since leaving University. This was a few months before I left England to live in Japan, so it was quite interesting going back to the scans from this roll and quite nostalgic, even though it was only a little more than a year ago. It really reminds me of home, especially the industrial backstreets of that area of Birmingham where most of the skilled trades are dying out and what were once factories are being transformed into city apartments.

(photo above)


Mauro Angelo

This picture was taken in Novara with a Fed 50 Avtomat compact camera loaded with a Polypan 50 F roll film; the film was developed with Caffenol, then scanned and edited (just removing dust) with Lightzone.
The camera was bought at a local second hand shop, and it costed me EUR 10.

Novara Clown

Georgina Gray

I took this on my Canon af35ml (cost $2NZD ) and a roll of Ektar 100.

The picture is of a friend of mine taking in the spectacular view of the tarns as we crossed into the Milford national park on the Routeburn Track in New Zealand.


Lukas Sutter

This is lukas from Switzerland.
I’d like to enter this competition with one of my favourite photographs I took. The photograph shows my girlfriend in the middle of a forrest close to where we live. I’ve choosen this one because i really like the feeling of the photograph. It’s blurry edge and its contrast. It was taken by a camera i got from my mom when i was a child. So i haven’t paid anything for the camera. And it’s defently worth less than 10 bux 🙂 I can remember it came with a waterproofed case so i was able to take photos underwater. The case got lost someday but the camera stayed. The film inside was a Kodak Pro BW 400 CN. Film is expensive here so i had to pay 8.20 CHF wich is around 9 dollars i think.

img119 2


Lukas Zerrahn

The camera is a Ricoh FF3-AF which was the first camera I used but it wasn’t until recently that I rediscovered the noisy gem in my parents basement. After getting rid of some pretty bad corrusion the camera was ready for a first spin:)
Total cost: Vinegar and half a pack of Qtips.
For me the biggest plus with the camera is the integrated flash finally allowing me to take pictures in low light situations.

The film is Kentmere 400 home developed in 1+50 rodinal pretty much the cheapest combo that Ive found so far. Film goes for 3,50€ a roll of 36 exposures and is fairly versatile. It’s produced by Illford and for a fraction of the cost of a hp5+ it fits my needs completely.


Jomel Del Castillo

My camera is a Fujifilm Big View Finder 50 af.
I bought this camera for 3 dollars at thrift store just to try it out.
The roll I put in was an expired Kodak Vericolor 200, cost was about $4.
I’ve been shooting for a year now with film and I absolutely love it. Hope my entry isn’t too late. Thanks for considering.


Iván Lomba

The picture was taken with a Polaroid 3000AF and expired Ilford hp5 from a 30m roll. I bought it really cheap for being expired in http://www.foto-r3.com

The film was developed with homemade D76 (with the original recipe). 1+1 13 minutes.

The camera was a gift from my father. I don’t know how much it cost, but I’m sure it was cheap. I think he bought it at a flea market in Portugal.


Richard Lin

I always wanted an action sampler because I think it will be cool to take a portrait shot! Hence I bought it from a seller at Etsy for £5 and loaded a revolog texture film into it, which is also cost at £5. The outcome turns out to be really cool 🙂


Jean-Marc Schwartz

Hello, i would like to participate to the photo contest if it’s still possible. I used for the photo an OLYMPUS MJU I loaded with an AGFA CT PRECISA 100 original. I developped the film by a local labo and asked for a X-CROSS traitement. Here are the result on my picture send. For the little story, i bought the camera in a secondhand trade of village in France for 5 €. About film, i bought on ebay 5 units for 24 €, so 24 / 5= 4,80€ / FILM; Then 5 + 4,80 €= 9,80 €

The picture was taken on holidays summer in august 2014 in britain ( FRANCE ), my daughter took some stone pebbles to set up a rampart against the sea …It could be a good title : POWER of hope of the youth!



In February 2005 my girlfriend, (now wife!), and I were travelling in Germany looking for work as ballet dancers and the hostel we tried to stay in was closed. We got on the last train out of town and ended up in Schweinfurt. I took this photo the next morning as we inspected the schedule to decide where to go next.

The photo was taken with her compact point & shoot, the first camera she ever got when she was a child. I don’t know the make or model, but I know it was grey, and had a fixed focal length and I don’t believe it even needed batteries. I can’t find the negative to read the exact film type but it’s a Process C-51 Black & White film, probably Kodak. Development was at London Drugs, (a western Canadian chain), and the scan is whatever they were doing in 2005.


Stephen Sostaric

The photo I am submitting for the chance to win the Leica iiic was taken with my Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 (I got it for free, but it generally sells for $5-$10) on Kodak TMax100 ($4.95). It is the second-to-last of the famous Minolta Hi-Matic rangefinder cameras. When I was given this camera, I immediately fell in love with it because while it’s automatic focus and exposure, it still has the manual film advance. Once I started shooting with it, I realized that Minolta had make a heck of a great camera in a pretty unassuming package. As a result, I now have something of a soft spot for Minoltas.

The photo was taken a couple years ago on an Easter morning hike through Muir Woods in California. At various points, the sun would cut through the trees and fog and make a stunning sight. I threw caution to the wind and really pushed the Minolta’s little electric eye with some pretty complex scenes, which it handled wonderfully. This is my favorite image from that hike, as it captures the serene wonder of the place, and captures the stillness and peace I felt there. In fact, I have a print I did in the darkroom hanging in my office to remind me and inspire me to return.

If one doesn’t mind not having control, this camera is a real gem that doesn’t seem to get too much credit. There’s so many great entries, I know that I probably have a small chance, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Jeremy Anicete

This was shot with a Nikon L35AF2 I got for $2.99 at Savers which I found on accident while trying to find more expensive cameras like an Olympus MJU. The film I used was a Fujicolor Superia 400 which I got in a lot sale with an old Canon Elan so I wasn’t sure if the film was even usable.
The shot itself was taken during an engagement shoot at Legion of Honor in San Francisco on a Monday afternoon around 4 at during a windy day. This is the first time I’ve seen the museum front empty enough to attempt a shot like this on the walkway. Unfortunately, the camera died on shot #18 of the roll the next day.



Russel Larson

This Picture was taken on my Minolta hi-matic 7s (which isn’t a cheap point and shoot but it is a really cheap rangefinder that I picked up for 15$ Canadian, which works out to be $11 USD) Shot on Kodak T-max 100 that I got for $4 finishing off the $15 USD requirement.


Joshua de Asis

Photo was taken with an old Vivitar UWS (200php/4usd) and an expired Velvia 100 (200+php/4-5usd).

Camera is very basic. Viewfinder is very unreliable when you want to have exact framing.

I took this photo back when I didn’t know much about film and how it was processed. Picked up a Velvia w/o the knowledge of e6 processing being nonexistent both in my hometown(PH) and my place of residence(SG) during this time. Hence, cross-processing was done to my Velvia.

I like how it turned out to be. In my opinion, the photo wouldn’t have the same mood to it, would it been color, or black and white.



Laura Goodwin

I’ve attached a picture that I took of our frozen waterfall here in Madison, Indiana USA. I took the photo with a Canon Sure Shot 70 zoom and saved it as a 1200dpi JPEG file. I don’t believe it was a high-end camera to begin with, but I purchased it at our local Goodwill, a thrift store, for 95 cents US. I’ve attached a picture of the camera as well. Sorry for the quality of the picture of the camera, but I took it with my iPhone 5. I spent $1.08 on the lithium battery that I needed to make the beast live (our local electronics shop was closing and had everything 90% off), $3.77 on the FujiFilm FujiColor Superia X-TRA 400 35 mm film, and $8.23 at a local pharmacy to have the roll developed. I believe that comes out to $14.03 US. This was such a neat challenge! It would have been cheaper if I only had them develop them to the negatives, but my negative scanner quit working. I did not alter the photo in any way, with any photo manipulation software. However, if it was allowed, I could have done that for free online with Picmonkey.com.


Justice Hyde

Loving the idea for this competition. I’m entering a photo shot with my 1987 (I think) Olympus AZ-1 Zoom. This isn’t an ebay find, however…I bought this camera brand new back in the ’80s. On ebay they seem to go for between 99p and £7.95 (I think the guy asking £19.99 for one is going to be disappointed), so on average I’m guessing it meets the criteria.

When I was a young teenager in the early 80s I was a keen photographer, shooting and developing my own black and white film on my Pentax MG (and when I was lucky, with my dad’s Me Super with its fancy motordrive and zoom lenses). By the late ’80s my interests had turned to other things, and the Olympus was bought and used for the typical snapshots of family, friends and holidays.

Long story short, during one of many relocations (probably ’94ish), the camera was put in a box, and there it stayed. Until last year.

After getting serious about photography five or six years ago, I’d shot exclusively digital, but become increasingly interested in returning to analogue. In a kind of lightbulb moment I thought ‘I wonder if I’ve still got that camera?’. And after some searching in the attic, there it was. Without thinking, I opened the back, only to find a roll of film still loaded! Quickly slamming it shut, I set about finding a replacement for the very dead battery, then went out and shot the rest of that film, with no idea what I was going to find.

When the film came back from the lab, I found that the 5 shots already exposed (and then re-exposed by my foolish haste) were as hazy as some of my own memories of the mid 1990s. But the rest, even on film which must have expired in the camera about 15 years ago, were far better than expected. This one is my favourite.

I now use several 35mm cameras, dating back as far as the 1950s, and I love them all for different reasons. But for its compactness and simplicity, the results from the Olympus make it one of the best despite its limitations.

So this is what you get when you take one 1980s compact, leave a part-exposed roll of film in it for about 20 years in far from ideal storage conditions, then pull it out and just start shooting again.

Title: Indian Summer
Photographer: Justice Hyde
Camera: Olympus AZ-1 Zoom
Film: Expired Fuji Superia 200
Processed: By DSColourLabs, Manchester



Sergio Sánchez González

I’m Sergio, from Andalucia, Spain. I’ve just read about this competition and thought i should give a try and participate in the photo contest. The photo is from a chinese all plastic 3€ camera and the film i think it was protopan 400+ (2,8€ the roll)so it’s perferct for the contest purpouses! About it…i can say it is green…fixed aperture, focus, shutter…flash…and thats all! I can’t even remember the name as I painted the camera all black. I bought it to participate in another point&shoot photo contest and end up using it every now and then just for fun.
About the photo, just walking aournd in Albaycín, Granada with the camera couple years ago and taking some pictures, not much history behind the photo, just a moment and situation that took my attention.

p'n's 2

Tomas Mikalauskas

This picture was taken with Yashica Minitec AF on Fuji Superia 200. I converted it to black and white, but other than that it is untouched.

I got this little Yashica from a stranger, who I found on a local advert website for 20 litas (former Lithuanian currency). As of now the local currency is euro, so it is 20/3.4528= 5.79 euro.

Roll of Fuji Superia 200 here costs around 2.60 Eur.

Film was developed in a local mini-lab and scanned there by my friend. He does all my C-41 films basically and a lot cheaper.


Asaf Sagi

It was taken on an Olympus Pen EED. I asked you on Reddit and you said it’s acceptable. My P&S Konica didn’t yield any results, sadly.

The film is a Kodak Ultramax 400, I think. Being a Pen photo, this is only half of a 35mm frame. I wish I could include the other half, but I guessed it would be considered trickery =)



Kristina Petrosiute

I am sending you a photograph that I took with Halina Panorama-F last Saturday. I am living in Iceland and getting a cheap camera here is almost impossible. I “got lucky” twice in 8 years – Olympus LT-1 and Halina Panorama-F. I chose to use Halina for this competition because it was the cheaper and the “more exotic” option. I paid 500 Icelandic kronur (which is approximatelly 2.5 pounds). I found it in a local thrift shop called Góði Hirðirinn (The Good Shepard). I used a 10-years-expired Kodak Supra 400, which I received from a friend who works in a waste managment company. The film was found in trash. It was developed by local photo lab-shop and I scanned it myself.

Atlantique Nord (Kristina Petrosiute)



More great shots to choose from. Any favourites? Let me know!



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Russel's looks like it could be an album cover for a country band, very nice :)

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favourites 1.3.12

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