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New Santa Color 100 Film Update: First Shipments Sent

A very exciting update on the new Santa Color 100 film came through for backers on the last day of September 2022. The first set of packages have been shipped!

Shipments will only ramp up from here on for the roll film and should all be out by Christmas. If you backed the bulk rolls, these are a step behind the roll film, but the team has promised an update in the next coming weeks. They do expect to ship around the end of October. The team says the shipping will be in order of ordering, so those that ordered/backed first will receive first shipments. Notifications will be sent out to backers from Kamerastore as this is the Santa team’s logistics partner.

Santa Color 100
Image per Santa Color Indiegogo Campaign

The team says the rolls will look like they have been made my hand, because they were! Canisters are recycled which is a great way to give a second life to items that otherwise might have ended up in a landfill or the ocean.

Another packaging plus, the boxes the canisters will arrive in are made from fully recyclable cardboard, not plastic. The update from the team says, ‘This is a tiny little box, made from Kraft cardboard. There is no plastic canister for them to go into because we don’t want to put out thousands of them into the world. Instead, the inside of the box has been painted black to protect them from light – you should be fine even leaving them in direct sunlight (but never load the film in direct sunlight!).’ (Source: Santa Color 100 Campaign Update #7) Kudos to the team for this design decision. The environment thanks you.

An excellent preview of the film has already been released by Karin Majoka, a photographer and Youtuber, which you can watch here. Having personally backed the project, I will be waiting anxiously for my shipment email now!

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1 thought on “New Santa Color 100 Film Update: First Shipments Sent”

  1. Backer order #86 here, shipped from Tampere Oct. 4, arrived in Texas via DHL Oct. 6 – that was quick! Looking forward to shooting this????????

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