NEWS: SantaColor 100 – New 100 ISO “Professional Grade” Colour Film Available to the Masses

Santa Film, the Finnish film brand that has previously brought out the black and white films Santa Rae 1000 and Santa Raw 125, is back with a colour film.

After selling out of and donating the whole revenue from the existing BW colour stocks, which were made in Russia, to the Ukraine effort, Santa Film has now launched a crowdfunding campaign for a colour negative film – which can be found here!

The film itself, which is made in the USA – I bet you can’t guess by who – is not a new film, but is said to not currently be widely available internationally.

While the emulsion and coating happens in the US, Santa are planning on hand-spooling the film in their premises in Finland. To do this, the campaign is asking 125,000€ – a hefty sum which they have justified in the campaign as follows:

  • Film material (to produce 15,000 rolls of film): 50 000€
  • Taxes and fees: 23 000€
  • Labour and equipment to spool: 17 000€
  • Shipping to customers: 16 000€
  • Packaging and logistics: 6000€
  • 10% extra for unforeseen circumstances

A lot of cash, but that’s also a lot of rolls of colour film that the community really does need at the moment!

The film is an ISO 100 colour negative film coated on a special almost transparent base, giving it some interesting properties. To begin with is has reddish, warm tones when scanned by some scanners, though can produce accurate colours when scanned at home or by certain labs who take extra care when scanning. It can be developed in E6 for quite good slides.

The team handling the campaign some experience in producing film, running crowd funding campaigns etc too. The team consists of folks and resources from Camera Rescue, VALOI and Kamerastore. So while there is always risk involved in a crowdfunding campaign, their combined experience in crowdfunding, the analogue market and in logistics, they seem to be set up to manage their claims.

The film is available in 35mm, both spooled into 36 exp. rolls and as 30m (100ft) bulk rolls, and backers of the campaign get varying levels of discounts, depending on how early they back the project. The first rolls start at 9€, while the final price is meant to be around 13€ – and can only be bought in packs of 5 rolls. Finally, the film is meant to ship by December 2022, though the first backers are scheduled to receive it in November.

For more information, you can find the campaign on Indiegogo here

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4 thoughts on “NEWS: SantaColor 100 – New 100 ISO “Professional Grade” Colour Film Available to the Masses”

  1. Here’s the problem I have w Kodak – not Santa.
    There is a serious shortage of color 35mm film, and we are given various reasons why. With the inevitable price hikes.
    Yet Santa is able to buy a sh1t tonne from them to spool as their own? What happened to that film shortage?

  2. 100 ISO colour negative film from USA?
    1. Is this a reissue of Gold 100 film?
    2. Or is this the new Gold 200 but rated at 100?
    3. Is this a new emulsion or modified older emulsion from the archives?

    Regardless, good for them!!

  3. follow up – I see on the Santa Indie GoGo site that it is Kodak Aero film – very cool – and it needs to be hand spooled.
    Just so weird that Kodak is not willing to release this themselves.

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