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Ilford’s Ultra Large Format Campaign Back for Another Year

ULF shooters get ready! Ilford has brought back their ULF (“Ultra Large Format”) campaign for the 17th year running where photographers can order non-standard sizes of large format film with no minimum order quantity.

Orders can be placed at participating resellers up to the 19th of August, 2022 and will start shipping in October.

The majority of products available to order are various sizes of large format sheet film. The sizes range from the smallest of 2.25 x 3.25in up to 20 x 24in and everywhere in between. Ultra large format is known as any size greater than 8 x 10in, however Ilford is making sizes smaller than that available as part of the campaign.

There is also an option to order Mini and Roll film formats, with a few specific rules on order quantity. Orders for these two formats have to be in certain multiples in order to not generate a high level of waste in the production process. For example, if you want to order HP5+ mini format (8in x 100ft), this has to be placed in multiples of 5.

Ilford ULF Campaign banner
Image used with permission from Ilford Photo

HP5+, FP4+, and Delta 100 are the Ilford films available as part of the campaign. Delta 100 and FP4+ are only available in sheet format but HP5+ can be ordered for sheet format as well as Mini and Roll formats.

Why these three films? Ilford says in their post, ‘These options available reflect what has been asked for over the past 17 years. We are happy to consider any other size suggestions but do not guarantee to make them available. Please make your requests via your usual reseller or distributor and they will forward them to our COM team.’ (source: Ilford Photo)

Why does Ilford run the ULF campaign?

Ilford knows its customer base and it knows that a lot of photographers have unique cameras that take non-standard film sizes. They want to support photographers in the present and future use of these cameras. Thanks Ilford for keeping this film alive!

For a full list of participating resellers and available products, check out Ilford’s post here.

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