NEWS: MiNT Innovates With An All-in-One SLR670 (Type i) Camera

By Molly Kate

MiNT’s innovation continues to serve the Polaroid instant film community, this time by making an all-in-one SLR670 camera that takes SX-70, 600, and now i-Type films. While the new SLR670-X MING (Type-i) Edition is only available in a limited quantity, MiNT has said this is an initial batch, inferring that more are on the way.

Mint New SLR670 MING Type-i edition camera
Image per MiNT website

With a sensor inside the camera that detects the type of film inserted automatically, this camera opens more possibilities for Polaroid film lovers. I-Type is the latest film developed by Polaroid, but it won’t work with older camera models since there is no battery pack inside the film cartridge. With the MiNT SLR670 Type-i, no setup or configuration is required to start shooting and what’s more, the camera can be used with or without batteries. MiNT says the built-in rechargeable USB-C charged battery can last for about 30 packs of film, shooting nonstop, or up to one year on standby.

Mint New SLR670 MING Type-i edition camera
Image per MiNT website

The new model retains the same popular features of the MiNT SLR670 which include auto and manual shooting modes, the ability to use external flash, and long exposure capabilities. While the aperture is fixed at F8, shutter speeds can be changed from bulb mode up to 1/2000.

Mint New SLR670 MING Type-i edition camera
Image per MiNT website

The MING edition is named after official Polaroid photographer Ming Chan, who is based in the same location as MiNT, Hong Kong. MiNT has dedicated previous versions of the SLR670 to this special photographer and continues to honor him this time with a special all-black version of the new Type-i camera.

“Ming is an attitude. Grit. Passion. Perseverance. Dedication. He just won’t stop trying. He only shoots Polaroid and nothing else. Dedication to the one thing that matters most to him.” – MiNT

Portrait of Ming Chan, Photographer
Image per MiNT website – Ming Chan, Photographer

The thread of Ming’s story follows the photographer’s journey as he perseveres through initial failures with instant film and exhibitions to become a celebrated and recognized artist.

“Ming’s first exhibition was devastating. Critics complained, “Who is this guy? Who does he think he is? Polaroid isn’t for serious photographers.

“No. Polaroid is original, creative, one-of-a-kind.” Ming argued to himself. “Filter out the noise, just do what you love.” Keep shooting he told himself. Keep shooting. Prove them wrong. Become a world-class photographer.” – MiNT

MiNT says now Ming is one of the photographers Polaroid turns to when they have new products to test or review. To find out more about the camera’s inspiration, head over to MiNT’s story page here.

The SLR670-X MING EDITION (Type i) is selling on MiNT’s website for GBP 979 at the moment for the camera only. The company is also offering a 5-year warranty with the product. Starter packs which include film and accessories are currently listed for GBP 1039. Find the camera and more information at the link here.

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