5 Frames with a Nikon F80

My Nikon F75 project came to an end when I recently “upgraded” to the F80. The Nikon F80 felt almost instantaneously like it was a better choice for me. As I talk about in the last part of my Nikon F75 project the amount of the controls and level of functionality in the F80 just feels a lot more suitable for me.

These shots are from the first roll I shot with it. They were taken with a combination of the 50mm 1.8 and the 28-70 zoom with Portra 400. The camera and two lenses made for a compact enough set of kit to carry around for the day. Either second lens fit nicely in my Field Pouch alongside a spare roll of film (that I ended up not needing).

These images actually also represent a bit of a break through I’ve had in my processing of Portra 400. I’ve now found a standard set of adjustments that I apply in the scanner dialogue. Combined with these, I’ve also come a standard couple of Lightroom presets I apply to deal with noise and colour shifts introduced by the way I use the Noritsu, and then another to add contrast (I scan flat). I’m still making frame by frame adjustments in lightroom, but not many. I now feel like I’m starting to get closer to having as consistent results as to those I get out of my black and white process, which is quite pleasing… despite it feeling like it’s taken me an age to get here. More on that another time, perhaps…

Anyway, here’s some photos:

Thomas Land

Thomas Land

Thomas Land

Thomas Land

Thomas Land

More from the F80 here

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8 thoughts on “5 Frames with a Nikon F80”

  1. I had an N80 for a few years, and liked it, except for the fact that it was useless with manual lenses. I had it drop 3 feet from my hands to a linoleum floor, and the camera’s back broke off. That was it for the camera. Unfortunate, yes. I eventually bought an F100 to replace it, which I still have and use, and it takes all my lenses. The N75 is a good buy for someone that wants an easy to use and lightweight Nikon AF camera. The N80, likewise, but with a few more extras. It’s too bad Nikon chose to remove features from those lower-end cameras, the most egregious being unable to meter with manual lenses. Otherwise, slapping on a 50mm series E to an N75 would have been a great combination.

    1. I get it, but I’d still just rather use a MF camera with MF lenses, I’m no good with modern focusing screens and mf lenses, and don’t like the little confirmation lights

  2. Great article. The Nikon F80 is one of the best 35mm cameras out there; one of the very last that Nikon produced. I picked one up a couple of years back for £25, ran a film through it and was amazed. Then I sold it. I missed it so much that I bought another. I particularly love the small built in flash. This is what puts it above even the F100 in my book….flash sync is not brilliant, especially in daylight but…. I shoot slide film and that light meter is spot on every time….in fact I often carry the camera just to use as a light meter for my vintage Nikons and Canons. At present these cameras are a bargain….but it will not last. Prices have already risen and will continue to do so. I plan on keeping this one!!

    1. I’ve been tempted to buy another before they get silly… it’s inevitable that they will
      Thanks 🙂

  3. The funny thing about all the autofocus film cameras from the first generations is
    that they still do a amazing job without the “magic” anyone puts in a old mechanic
    camera and you can get them as a bargain or even less…….

    When I start taking pictures with film again a Nikon F4 was my first pick because
    it get it on Ebay for less than 100 bugs.
    I use it with manual focus leneses and the speed of autofocus never matters in my case.

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