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The ChromaGraphica Double Dry Plate Holder Launched on Kickstarter

August 11, 2019

Jason Lane from Pictoriographica and Steve Lloyd from Chroma Camera have come together to design and manufacture the new ChromaGraphica Double Dry Plate Holder for large format cameras. Launched on Kickstarter at the end of last week, the campaign has already reached over 50% and so is on target to reach its £26,997 goal.

The campaign is raising money for the injection moulding tooling for dry plate holders for 4×5, 5×7 and 8×10 formats, and if successful, the will be the first mass-produced double dry plate holders available in decades. The pair have been working on the designs for nearly a year and now have fully functioning prototypes made from the designs sent to their chosen tooler and manufacturer. In theory this means that if the funds are reached, they will be able to fairly quickly have the tooling made and go into production.

The ChromaGraphica Double Dry Plate Holder:

  • Holds two dry plates or other glass- or metal-based media up to 2mm thick.
  • Has been tested extensively with Jason’s dry plates
  • Function similar to sheet film holders.
  • Includes dark slides that have handles with white on one side, black on the other. You can use this to indicate exposed or unexposed.
  • A unique loaded dry plate indicator that tells you at a glance whether you have a dry plate loaded or not.
  • Accommodates film sheath adapters.
  • Fits all 4×5 cameras (that they’ve been able to test).

As it says on the campaign page:

After a year’s worth of design, refining, prototyping, and test iterations,  we created a line of dry plate holder designs to serve the needs of photographers interested in shooting dry plate.  Our design philosophy from the start has placed the emphasis on affordability, familiarity of use, and quality.

If – like me – you would like to back this campaign you can find the KickStarter here


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