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5 Frames with a Olympus Mju – by Frederick Maurice Lim

November 14, 2017

Me and my Mju, we have this relationship. I grew up shooting film cameras when I was in my teens, then I go digital, and I’ve been reincarnated shooting film again and I don’t want to invest on another digital camera.

At my second life as a film photographer, the Mju Stylus is my first camera. Bought it online after reading several reviews. It’s black and it’s the sexiest color. Bought it for 1500 PHP or 30 USD, and I’ve shot more than 50 rolls with it.

The legendary Mju Epic, I’ve tried it too but it didn’t capture my heart like how the Stylus enamored me. The latter has better contrast and it didn’t break my heart by not focusing right. Though it gave me gems and I haven’t tried its spot-focusing feature yet. But when it comes to Olympus point and shoots, my heart goes to Stylus.

I’ve shot rolls of black and white, slide, and color negative films with my Stylus and I’ve owned two but they’re already broken. My main point and shoot right now could be my Olympus XA3 and I’m hesitating to buy another Mju 1 perhaps because its price goes crazy.

Hunting for an affordable copy and I’m not rushing. I’m yearning to try other compact film cameras but there will always be a space in my heart for an Olympus Stylus. It’s an epic camera through the photographs that I’ve taken and the memories it gave me.

I’m trying to kill my GAS with the best of my effort so I’m avoiding film marketplaces. But I know that if a good deal comes along, I’ll be frenzy to be reunited with my first main film compact; like a long lost childhood sweetheart.

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    November 14, 2017 at 4:04 pm

    One of my favourite if not my favourite camera also! Cheap, user friendly and pocketable. Excellent little machines

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