Pixii 2023 Model Camera close up

NEWS: 2023 Pixii Camera with World’s First 64-Bit Processor and True Monochrome

A world first, Pixii released its latest model with a new 64-bit processor. Model A2572 is the current iteration of the m-mount, manual focus Pixii Camera that pushes modern boundaries of speed, power, and efficiency. The processor isn’t the only new feature either in the significant upgrade to this innovative digital rangefinder powerhouse.

Catching a lot of attention is the new 64-bit processor, the first of its kind. The design is a quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 architecture with dual-core OpenCL 2.0 GPU with 768 threads and up to 7GPixels/s and dedicated NPU and VPU cores (Source: Pixii).

In non-technical terms, Pixii says this means, ‘More reactivity when shooting, more battery life on a single charge, more processing power for developing new images. As a French band would put it, Pixii is getting “Faster, Better, Stronger”!’ (Source: Pixii Press Release)

Pixii 2023 Model Camera close up
Images courtesy of Pixii Press Kit

The Pixii Camera 2023 has up to 2x the battery life, 5-10x the processing speed, and 3x the transfer speed. There is even a new “Eco” mode that can be enabled for an additional 25% of power savings. The upgrade includes the ability to use Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) for faster wireless transfers.

Pixii Camera 2023 on white background
Images courtesy of Pixii Press Kit

Additional software upgrades include an exclusive RAW Monochrome mode that works better at pulling details and “tonal transitions” from the 26MP BSI-CMOS sensor. Read more about how this works in full technical detail on Pixii’s informative monochrome page here. Images created are true monochrome DNG files that have up to 16-bit resolution.

There is also a new live view available on the smartphone app that draws on the expanded resources of the new processor. The view can be seen in any of Pixii’s LUT-based color profiles or in monochrome.

Pixii App on phone held by hand
Images courtesy of Pixii Press Kit

The pixel race is over. We are getting a head start on the new computing battle. But fear not, not to put a robot helmet on… Our goal is to help reveal your own vision. And that really takes human eyes, minds, and hearts to be aligned.

– Pixii

If you are interested in pixels though, Pixii features a 26MP BSI-CMOS that has been rated #1 in the world by DXOMARK, the self-titled “World-Leading Quality Evaluation Laboratory” in the APS-C sensor category. (Source: DXOMARK)

Screenshot of DXOMARK Website
Screenshot of DXOMARK Website

Current Pixii owners will be able to upgrade their cameras to the latest hardware, a commitment that the company has kept since the beginning. The system is intended to always be upgradeable and modern, something worth the investment.

To invest in a new Pixii, the Model A2572 starts at €2,699 for the 16GB storage option. Storage options range from 16GB to 128GB. The company is sold out of the production batch shipping in January, but they are open for orders of cameras that start shipping in mid-February 2023. Pixii Cameras can be purchased on their website here.

For current owners that want to upgrade their hardware, Pixii is taking bookings for January on their site here.

lighthouse on a beach, image taken on the pixii camera
Images courtesy of Pixii Press Kit, by Jerome Cuenot

We will continue to focus on your creativity. We are grateful to many, many photographers who have shared their thoughts with us, and helped us with new features. We are still amazed when seeing the images you are creating with Pixii.

– Pixii

If you missed Hamish’s previous articles about the first versions of the Pixii, you can find them here!

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13 thoughts on “NEWS: 2023 Pixii Camera with World’s First 64-Bit Processor and True Monochrome”

  1. It can’t be “true monochrome” from a Bayer sensor. Pixii is using algorithms/camera-internal software to compute the RGGB-Bayer-Raw intro Monochrome Raw. Theoretically, the same could be done with any other raw file from any other Bayer color digital camera.

    1. Yes, the camera is mathematically nulling out the Color Filter Array. Makes sense to do this in-camera, though there’s also no reason Raw processing software couldn’t do it as well, maybe apart from not precisely knowing the details of a particular camera’s CFA.

      IMO it should be a very useful feature if implemented well. (I think the previous version of the Pixii can already do it…I’ve just never seen example images.)

  2. Too be a true black and white photography and to produce images that have black and white tones like the true photography which we all love in black and white film photography I would like to see these pictures you said are as great with the different blacks greys tones and White’s which you only get when you work in a dark room ?

    1. I don’t understand this comment. A very large percentage of the news we post on here, and the news posted on other photography websites is derived from press releases that are sent to us. This is literally how product release news is propagated.

  3. Interesting! I wonder if the sensor is based on the one used in the previous generation of 26-megapixel Fuji cameras but with a standard Bayer filter.

  4. I think it is great that Pixii is developing this camera, and makes it possible to upgrade existing ones. One thing I really like about them is in the owner’s manual they give you instructions as to how to adjust the RF if needed! If only Leica also did that…

    I do have an issue with claiming how great the APS-C sensor is to competitors. First off, I am not saying that it is not a great sensor, just that if you look at that chart none of the other cameras have recent sensors! Some are from 2015! No signs of the latest sensors from Fuji in the Xpro3 , Xt4 etc. So they are claiming to be the best against an outdated selection.

    Anyway, please try to test this latest version!

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