Film Photography News and Interesting Reading – 15/2/2019 – By Ray Goodwin

We interrupt your weekly film photography post for some breaking (well, broken yesterday) news. Kosmo Foto have announced a 120 format B&W film using the exact same emulsion as the 135 variant. The 120 film is currently being produced and will be in stock from May 2019. The Kosmo Foto shop is currently taking preorders at a cost of £4.50 plus shipping.

Preorder the film here
More info can be found here

Positive Emulsion

There has been plenty of coverage on Kodak E100, but Theo from Photo Thinking has put together a conclusive and highly detailed review/experience post on Kodak’s revived emulsion.

Read the post here 

Would You Leica Some Glass?

There’s some pretty rare and interesting lens options for the Leica system, but the Ricoh 28mm f/2.8 is certainly one of the most uncommon and intriguing options. The Ricoh GR1 camera is famed for its optical quality – with this lens you can even enjoy its optical quality on an LTM Leica, or with an adapter to fit it to an M Mount. JCH has published a review with plenty of sample shots and info to geek out on!

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Fruitful Offerings

Point & shoots are a dime a dozen – there are so many options and yet so many of those options just don’t have any reference to the almighty red fruit. Thankfully, Alan from Austerity Photo details both of Konica’s offerings, covering their history, image quality, usage, and if indeed they’re worth your time.

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Well Timed

Are you looking for a modular darkroom timer, and thought you were out of luck? Good news! MAYA is a new brand of modular darkroom timers, designed for print making and film developing. But, it isn’t just for B&W developing – it can also time C41 and E6 processes. Emulsive had an incredibly in-depth post about the MAYA and its creation.

Read the post here 

Back to Basics

Jim Grey presents an in-depth review of the Kodak Brownie No.2 Model F. He makes a strong argument for the fact that a fancy camera/lens combination isn’t always needed, and that a basic box with a simple lens can be more than adequate.

Read the post here

More Development

Some more news has developed around the Tetenal story. Reports have been going round that they’ve been in hot water for the majority of this year – but it now seems that this are looking up for the chemical company!

Read the post here

Important Information

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