KEIKO SHOW camera sitting on top of colorful cooler in the grass
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Dubblefilm Launches Special Edition SHOW Camera KEIKO and Donates 20% of Profits

August 17, 2022

Dubblefilm has released a special edition of their reusable SHOW camera worldwide. The KEIKO edition features a new design inspired by the beloved Orca whale who starred in the movie Free Willy before being fully released into the wild in 2002.

Twenty percent of profits from this new camera will be donated to IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), a global non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases animals into their natural habitats. They also work on protecting and restoring those natural habitats as well as encouraging the human side of things (communities, governments, NGOs, and businesses) with new ways of thinking about their practices so that people and animals can thrive together.

So why IFAW? Dubblefilm says, ‘We were researching for ages which non-profit to support and there are so many amazing ones. What we liked about IFAW is how direct they are, a lot less known than the bigger ones and of course, the ground (and sea) work they are doing is incredible.’

KEIKO camera on plain yellow background

Image provided by Dubblefilm, the usual smiley face on the lens has been changed to that of an Orca in homage to KEIKO.

This camera is perfect for photographers that like colorful and lightweight cameras with fixed settings. KEIKO has a fixed 32mm lens with an aperture of F8 and a shutter speed of 1/125. The focus is preset from one meter to infinity. There is also a flash that is powered by one AAA battery. Dubblefilm advises that subjects be within 1-2 meters for the flash to work at its best.

Dubblefilm says on their website about the SHOW camera, ‘SHOW is a fun, affordable 35mm reusable camera with flash. Ready to replace the insanity of disposable cameras as well as providing an alternative to overpriced 2nd hand cameras.’ (source: Dubblefilm)

Adam Scott from Dubblefilm says about the origins of the idea and design, ‘Initially, we wanted to do a summer edition with a punch. The competition in the low-end reusable cameras has gone mad since we first launched the SHOW so we needed to stand out. We wanted to make it a special edition with its own name and while discussing it we started talking about the documentary Blackfish and Angeles, who is in charge of the Art Direction of Dubblefilm shouted KEIKO! She is from Mexico so remembers KEIKO more from being at the amusement park than on Free Willy.’

While production delays made it harder to release the camera earlier, there are still a few weeks of summer left and of course, what better way to carry summer with you all year than to shoot with this light and fun camera?

keiko camera, case, and strap on white background

Image provided by Dubblefilm

KEIKO comes with a specially designed PVC case that can hold both the camera and film as well as a newly designed rope-style neck strap. PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material is generally known to be better than some other plastics as it is able to be recycled easier. (source: OMNEXUS) The rope-style neck strap was inspired by bracelets commonly sold at the beach during summertime, which have sliding knots to adjust the length.

people dressed in animal costumnes lay on top of a ping pong table

Image provided by Dubblefilm, taken with new CINEMA film from Dubblefilm

Dubblefilm says, ‘The KEIKO camera comes with bright color accents ready to pop in your hands as you tap the bright yellow shutter button to document your life and have fun!’

top view of the keiko camera showing yellow shutter button

Image provided by Dubblefilm

person dressed in animal costume playing ping pong outdoors in the sun

Image provided by Dubblefilm, taken with new CINEMA film from Dubblefilm

keiko camera sitting next to the case in the grass

Image provided by Dubblefilm, taken with new CINEMA film from Dubblefilm

The company based in Barcelona has a website dedicated to the SHOW camera where you can find tips on how to shoot it to get the best results. There is also a beautiful gallery of sample images from the camera showing what other photographers have made with it.

If you want more of Dubblefilm, they also have a webzine full of articles on their different films and products. You can find a couple of articles on the SHOW camera, for example, this one that tells all about ‘HOW TO SHOW’ and this one here specifically about loading the SHOW.

keiko camera on white studio background

Image provided by Dubblefilm

KEIKO will be available directly from which ships worldwide. You can also find it at select retailers which Dubblefilm has listed on their website here.

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    It seems like infinity is not in focus, or they shot the second pingpong table one with a different camera.

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