For Sale: A Load of my Personal Collection

I have just listed a load of my cameras and lenses for sale on the “shop” here. For some reason, the payment features aren’t working, so just drop me an email if you’re interested in anything.

This is another needs-must situation. I am having yet more car issues – the DPF and DMF (if that means anything to you) on the family car both need replacing. I also have the final payment on the website rebuild to make soon, and of course the dreaded Christmas…

Aside from that, I am actually really starting to pare down my cameras to ones that I actually shoot, and I would be lying if it said it wasn’t satisfying. I shall more on that as part of a blog post at a later date though…

For now, have a look here, and give me a shout if anything takes your fancy!

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9 thoughts on “For Sale: A Load of my Personal Collection”

  1. Main dealers will often say that that DPF (Diesel particulate filter) needs to be replaced if it has become blocked. Normally this happens if you maily use the car for short journeys (so the engine does not get really hot), but it can also happen if you have failed glowplugs. The DPF *can* be cleaned, and if you approch a specialist (non-main-dealer) you might find they will do this and save you a whole lot of money. However, you have to find out why the DPF failed in the first place – if you just replace it and don’t sort out the cause, it is likely to fail again. (A DPF can last the life of the car if the engine is set up correctly and regularly gets up to full working temperature.)

    As for DMF… the only thing I can think of is “dual-mass flywheel”. Only found on old-school cars with clutch and a manual gearbox – very last-centuary tech, so have no idea!

    1. Yeah, I am exploring the options for the dpf. I don’t actually use a main dealer – but I’ve spoke to two mechanics that I trust and both have said that ultimately it looks like it’s on the way out. It’s done 145k of a 120k listed lifespan, so it can’t be all bad.

      As for the flywheel… I could rant about this… essentially, yes, I drive a manual but I seem to have an unusual flywheel. The particular engine code in my car is usually used with the auto box, but in my car it’s a rare time it’s not for some reason. As a result, neither LUK or sachs supply a aftermarket flywheel (despite the fact that sachs probably make it originally). And because of this, there’s no way to get one apart from from the main VAG suppliers. as a result, just the DMF is going to cost me £1200. Add a clutch kit and labour to that and all of a sudden I’m well north of £2k

      1. I drive a 19 year old VW Passat diesel estate. It is a ‘lifestyle’ car for me. I recently had to have the dual clutch replaced, and along with another job which needed doing, the bill was near £1200. I had it done, as otherwise the car is solid, comfortable and economical. If I hadn’t, it was scrap value only. I reasoned that what else could I buy for £1200 that would do what my Passat does? The answer is that there wasn’t anything else, other than a fluke purchase of a perfect old car, and those are mostly a myth. The alternative was to spend £5000 or more with no guarantee that it would be any better than what I have. So if your car is otherwise a goodun, have the work done.

  2. Hamish, paring down can feel liberating. My wife and I did that when we moved to a different state recently, and we do not miss the old furniture, papers, kitchen goods, and junk at all. (But I sinned. All the cameras made the move 😀.)

    1. Haha! I just had too many. They make me feels stressed rather than happy. I have a plan now that feels sensible. It involves selling all this stuff and then only buying one lens to make a kit out of a camera that doesn’t have what feels like a kit lens. I’m going to write this up properly at some point, so I won’t spoil it for now… but there’s definitely sanity in my plan, I’m sure of it!

  3. Damn it, Hamish! That Zeiss Ikon just gave me a bad case of GAS itch. Unfortunately my purse doesn’t comply.
    P.S. just get an EV.

  4. Hamish,
    Sorry to hear about your car troubles. It reminds me of what my partner’s grandmother once told her…”if it’s got tyres or testicles then it’ll be trouble.”

    After recently having my car recovered when the crankshaft valve failed (a small part that costs about £40 on some cars) and being told that BMW don’t (won’t) sell it as a spare part but one has to replace the whole rocker cover…at a cost of £800 with labour…I feel your pain.

    I also share your dilemma with getting rid of some of your cameras. My “collection” is getting towards 200 and although my partner is more than happy for me to keep them all (she’s a keeper), it has become rather unmanageable. But pairing down can be cathartic in allowing one to concentrate on those which really matter and which one enjoys the most. There can always be a positive outcome.

    1. Cheers Dave. Yes, mine is an Audi, so I have similar issues in terms of parts being a little bit of the pricey side…

      200 cameras… yeah, that would pickle my brain for sure! 😂

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