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First shots with the Leica M Edition 60

June 18, 2015

I realised something today that made me smile. This Leica M edition 60 with its matching 35mm Summilux is the first digital Leica M I’ve spent any time with. I’ve snapped with them before, but only in shops or with cameras belonging to mates etc. This £12,000 combo, is my first real experience of note with a digital Leica… I’m not sure if this is a baptism of fire, or considering the familiarity of its lack of controls, the exact opposite…?

I’d like to say I’ve been shooting it as I would a film camera, but really I’ve been a little more snap happy – hence the lack of any particularly engaging content in the photos below. Though I should add, I haven’t quite worked out whether or not this snap-happiness is down to the fact that I know each shot isn’t costing me money, or more that I was keen to get a few photos up on here.

Either way, it’s already shaping up to be quite the experience! Not only have I never shot with a digital Leica in anger, I’ve also never shot with a Summilux, of any kind, ever. Because of these two factors I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the photos.

The first couple of shots I took with it were shot in the house just after I got home with it last night. I just snapped away, taking a few snaps of Connie as I normally do. A few hours later I decided to have a look at them on the computer, but as if by some strange coincidence my Mac decided to have a rare wobble and insist the battery was flat despite having been plugged in at work all day. So just as if it was a film camera, I had to wait that extra bit of time to see the results

Upon eventually seeing them today, they were not what I was expecting at all. I expected it to produce a much more clinical image. I expected them to have a fairly familiar “digital” feel. Now obviously they do have a digital feel to them, but they’re anything but clinical. That lens has a real character to it, especially shot wide open. It’s got such a character when shot wide, that I’ve been suckered into shooting almost everything this way. I’m sure I will get bored with shooting like this quite quickly – I usually do – but whilst the novelty is there, I’m enjoying it a great deal!

So anyway, here’s a selection of shots taken in the first 24 hours I’ve had with the Leica M edition 60. Plenty more to come I’m sure, but since I’m going on my jolly holidays, you will probably have to wait for my return before I share any more!

None of these photos have had any post process apart from exposure adjustment where I got caught out by the unfamiliar light meter.

Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60

Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60

Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60

… well if you’re gonna do a mirror selfie in a car wing mirror it might as well be with a camera worth about 5 times that of the car (I’m not over the cost of this thing just yet)

Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60

Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60

Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60

Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60

Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60


Some snaps with the Leica M Edition 60

Wish me luck in not getting any sand in it whilst I’m away…!

Cheers for reading


You can find my eventual review of the Leica M60 here

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