Leica M4 Competition Entries

The Leica M4 competition is now closed. Below you can see a list of all of the entires that have so far qualified. I had a total of 373 entires, of which 357 made it through my light touch disqualification. I am now putting it into the hands of the judges. Over the course of the next week of so, the list below will shrink until only one remains, at which point, I will announce the winner.

That’s all for now – good luck to all who entered!

[gravityview id=’6640′]

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19 thoughts on “Leica M4 Competition Entries”

  1. I’m really sad that I missed this competition. I will hopefully keep my eye open for the next one 🙁

  2. Hey Hamish,
    You’ve created a delightful monster! First, hats off to you for this idea, second I don’t envy your judging team…I picked out about 20 favorites, then I just gave up. Third, you’ve provided a nice platform for people to post their images and a chance to comment on their work. They provided me with an armchair world tour on a hot & humid Friday in Connecticut! It’s always good to see the world through other people’s eyes!
    Good luck to all the photographers!

  3. Hi Hamish,

    I took the picture below this February on my boat trip to Whitsundays Islands. Every underwater image I took that day was out of focus, or completely dark. My name is Paul. So before you look at the link below, check out again Paul’s entry above – the boat picture from the Calanques. And you may guess which camera and film did I use for mine. Happy guessing! 🙂

  4. So sad to see mine disappear from the list so quickly ? But good luck to the remaining photographers

  5. So it’s now down to 74 entries, or is this just the first batch of photos akin to last year’s competition?


    1. Yeah, it’s been whittled down to these – more whittling soon. They will be all back up on display once a winner is chosen

      1. Dear Hamish

        Thank you for the competition. I enjoyed choosing the camera, taking the photos, choosing a photo, scanning and submitting. Who knows, I may venture out again with the AF10!

  6. A big congratulations to all in the Top Ten. Amazing to have risen to the top of 357 entries. You can be proud.


  7. David S. de Lis

    Well, I concur with others in this comments section: it’s been great to see so many fantastic and varied photographs partaking just two common ideas: cheap camera and Leica prize! 🙂

    I am very happy to have made it to the best 73, although there were a lot of photos I liked more than mine that went away sooner! Again, from the last two chomps, there are some fantastic pictures I am missing. The last 10 are, however, amazing as well… Oh, boy, am I so glad I don’t have to choose! 🙂

    I would love, however, to be able to learn something from this competition and my fellow participants, I hope to learn enough of photography to be able to do so! Thanks for this site, Hamish! Cheers!

  8. This competition has undoubtedly given light to some truly incredible photos, and I am very grateful for that.

    However, I must be honest about one thing. I am pretty perplexed by the final 4 photos, as I see very little to set them apart from some of the initial entries, such as the Chinese walker and the Belgian train station seen from below, just to name two.

    Obviously we all see each photo differently, but I would appreciate some insight if possible as to why these specific photos made your selection. I agree that they are lovely photos, but I just don’t see how they made it this far.

    That being said, Boris’ photo is my pick.

    Thanks again for everything, Hamish!

    1. There has been so much conversation and whittling down – these have just been the favourites of the folks involved in judging.
      There will be some thoughts posted with the winner I’d have thought – so Keep an eye out for that

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