Sustainable Darkroom Launches Re·source Book – Blueprint for a Better Future

By Molly Kate

The Sustainable Darkroom has released a new book this past weekend, which features a large collection of writing, images, recipes, and research on eco-friendly photographic practices. The book, called re·source, is the largest one published so far by the organisation, which is completely focused on exploring and sharing eco-friendly alternatives to traditional, often toxic, chemical photographic processes.

Let this publication act as a blueprint for those wishing to depart from the violence of the past, and into a better future. To ecologise – decentralise – collectivise. To say goodbye to the clean, the cut, the slick-ness and stiff-necked. To welcome the rough, the ready, the handmade and hands-dirty. – Edd Carr, Project Lead at Northern Sustainable Darkroom.

Edd Carr is a poet. In his introduction written for re·source, he beautifully guides us into the beginning of the book. Featured within are highlighted works from artists and contributors including: founder of the London Alternative Photography Collective, Melanie King; Lecturers from the University of Cape Town, Svea Josephy and Vanessa Cowling; Sustainable Darkroom co-director Alice Cazenave; and Rosalba Breazeale, visual artist and photography graduate at the University of New Mexico, USA.

inside pages of resource photographed on grey background
Image provided by the Sustainable Darkroom

Hannah Fletcher, founder of the Sustainable Darkroom says, ‘re·source unpicks the colonial and social entanglements between materials as resources, embodies the notion of being resourceful, considers the relationship between resources as a source of wealth or revenue and acts as a resource in and of itself; providing valuable information to those wanting to learn about ecologically-conscious photography.’

Including the highlighted artists, re·source contains the collections of 44 alternative photography practictioners from around the world who have contributed their work, knowledge, experiences, experiments to be shared in print.

back cover of resource photographed on grey background
Image provided by the Sustainable Darkroom

The book has been produced using environmentally friendly materials and methods. It was printed by Martin the Printers in the UK who recycle 98% of their waste by weight. (source: Martins the Printers & Sustainable Darkroom) The covers were made by Folium, an publishing platform in London led by independent artists. The books have even been transported by Hannah on her bike around London.

The physical copy of the book is available to purchase for £21 at the London Alt Photo shop here. There is also a digital only version available as well for £7.

For more information about the Sustainable Darkroom, visit their solar powered website here.

Images provided by and used with permission from the Sustainable Darkroom.

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