5 frames with...

5 Frames with an Olympus mju-i – By Gregoire Huret

As everyone knows, France won the 2018 football world cup. As a number one fan of our football team, of course I followed this world cup with a lot of madness and zero objectivity. We are the best! On the day of the final, I had a small Olympus mju-i loaded with Kodak Tmax 100 film.

At the final whistle, we went down the streets of Paris to celebrate the victory. Going to the Champs Elysées, the streets were crowded. All the French people were out singing, dancing, drinking, celebrating … It was a crazy night.

The small Olympus mju-i was the ideal camera to take pictures in the heat of the moment. I am not a specialist of technics. What I expect from a camera is first of all that it allows me to do what I want. Shoot fast, quick focusing, not too big and discreet to take pictures on the streets.

The only problem I find is that the auto-focus could be faster, but guess that’s why the Olympus mju-ii is so expensive nowadays! Otherwise everything was perfect for the job – most importantly, it’s robust, which was quite important that night because the crowd was very crazy.

Les français - 15 juillet 2018 - Grégoire Huret

Une supportrice de l’équipe de France – 15 juillet 2018 – Grégoire Huret

Les français - 15 juillet 2018 - Grégoire Huret

La joie dehors dans les rues de Paris – 15 juillet 2018 – Grégoire Huret

Les français - 15 juillet 2018 - Grégoire Huret

Un drapeau pour deux étoiles – 15 juillet 2018 – Grégoire Huret

Les français - 15 juillet 2018 - Grégoire Huret

Les deux étoiles – 15 juillet 2018 – Grégoire Huret

Les français - 15 juillet 2018 - Grégoire Huret

La folie s’empare des français – 15 juillet 2018 – Grégoire Huret


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  • Reply
    Terry B
    August 21, 2018 at 11:04 am

    C’était très audacieux de votre part de publier cela sur un site britannique. Mais en tant que francophile, je dois féliciter votre équipe.
    Peut-être que l’Angleterre fera mieux la prochaine fois et contre l’opposition Française!

  • Reply
    Tobias Eriksson
    August 21, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    Well done! That’s the way to use a great compact camera!

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