Newgrain analogue photography mobile app

NEWS: Newgrain Plans to Follow Official iOS Launch with Premium Features and Web/Android Versions

Newgrain, a mobile app dedicated to analogue photography, recently launched an official iOS version with plans for web and Android to follow. Created by Tim Issenmann and helped by CTO Arish Tripathi, the app is more than a new social media platform. It offers users resources such as a film stock library and optional metadata inputs so others can learn how an image was created.

After the official iOS app launch in August, Newgrain is now up to 5,700 accounts with 10,000 posts and around 250 active daily users. The team has intentionally designed the platform to avoid ads, videos, and influencer culture seen on many current social media apps. At Newgrain, it’s all about the photography.

“Our mission is to make analog photography thrive in the digital age, by giving photographers’ work the space they deserve and consolidating the film community around the world. Newgrain is a platform dedicated to analog photography, where you can share your work and get inspired by the community, connect with talented photographers, and improve your artistic craft.” – Newgrain Team

Newgrain analogue photography mobile app
Image courtesy of Newgrain

The app is free to sign up to and there are no plans to change this. However, to support the sustainability of the app without ads in the future, Newgrain is aiming to provide a paid subscription option where users can gain access to premium features.

A user’s home feed is organized chronologically by default but posts can further be sorted by film type or format. Newgrain also highlights content posted on the app as part of its community features to uplift the work of platform users.

Newgrain analogue photography mobile app
Image courtesy of Newgrain

Newgrain’s film stock library houses information on over 300 types of films. Users can favorite stocks for later if they discover something they’d like to try. Another way to learn about film photography on the app is to study the metadata tags. When photographers opt to fill these out during an image upload, users can see the film stock, camera, or lens used, if the roll was pushed or pulled, which film lab it was processed in, if it was expired, what scanner was used, etc.

Plans for the future include improving the iOS app based on feedback but also adding features such as enhanced recommendations, user interactions, and connections for local communities. To leave feedback for the team, use the public feedback board linked here.

Web and Android versions of the app are also in the works! iOS was the first stage for Newgrain as the team had more experience with the Apple system but also 75% of their user base from beta testing on the web was using iOS.

Newgrain analogue photography mobile app
Image courtesy of Newgrain

Head over to Newgrain’s website here to find more information about the app or download it from the Apple store here. If you are on a different platform, you can follow the team over on Instagram here or on YouTube here and be on the lookout for updates.

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2 thoughts on “NEWS: Newgrain Plans to Follow Official iOS Launch with Premium Features and Web/Android Versions”

  1. So…. no mention that has already been out doing this for over a year? I doubt that 2 film photo specific platforms will survive. I suppose Newgrain will probably win out since it likely has a development team, and Grainery is just one person. Though it’s impressive what they built by themselves.

    1. They started out at the same time, though independent of each other, and we reported on Grainery last year! It’s interesting to see both journeys and wish both teams each success in their efforts. 🙂

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