Olympus trip 35

Olympus Trip 35 – Through the Viewfinder

I’m going to take photos through the viewfinder of some cameras as I take a photo with the camera … I’m not mad, there have just been a few occasions where I would have liked to have known what to expect through a viewfinder before I bought the camera it was a part of… Ok maybe I am mad?

There is a small issue with this plan, the iphone is the only camera I can find that allows me to do it, because of this the quality seems a little dubious.

The first camera is the Olympus trip 35 a basic, but ultimately entirely functional viewfinder..

So, here is the view through the finder
Through the viewfinder - olympus trip 35

And the shot I took
Family snap

As you can see the frame lines (at least the ones visible in the shot) are pretty good. Perhaps a little off to the left of the frame, but not bad! You also have a nice view of the setting you have the camera set to. As you can see I had it on ‘A’ and the focus set to the picture of the 3 little people. In good daylight you can snap away with these settings without worry.

The viewfinder is plenty bright enough, and clear enough, despite (in my cameras case) being 44 years old.

You can read more of my thoughts on this wonderful camera here A cult classic point and shoot – Olympus Trip 35

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2 thoughts on “Olympus Trip 35 – Through the Viewfinder”

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  2. I’ve not used it for years, I’m pretty amateur at photography, but my little trip 35, that I’ve owned for 50 years, has never taken a bad picture.

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