Jim Mortram's Small Town Inertia PC Fundraiser

NEWS: Fundraiser for New Small Town Inertia PC After Motherboard Fried

Jim Mortram is a social documentary photographer and unpaid carer for his mother who has been devoted to raising awareness about the stories of vulnerable people living under Austerity for the past 14 years. His project Small Town Inertia has lifted many voices and truths using photographic imagery, audio based interviews, and short films. At the moment though, Jim’s PC has had a massive failure and is beyond repair.

There is a fundraiser running to help Jim get a new PC, one that he can build to withstand everything that he does as part of running Small Town Inertia.

“A PC is my & our portal to the rest of the world. It’s firstly a tool, enabling me to edit photographs & print them, record audio interviews, music for films & slideshows, edit & create video, engage upon multiple social media accounts to a hard won audience built over a decade.

Also I’ve used my online presence to fundraise for people within the stories of ‘Small Town Inertia’ & also globally with the ‘Photo Print Day’ that raised over £50k in its first year.

Without a PC… all my work stops.

I will use the raised funds to invest (for the first time) in the components to build a high powered PC that’s capable of the demands the myriad of work that’s being made.

If the goal is met I’ll put any further to a large NAS storage system to ensure a safe & stable backup of my life’s work.” – Jim Mortram

As a witness to the power of community, the fundraiser met its goal in one day. However, it can still be backed as any leftover amounts will also help Jim invest in a storage system as he mentioned above to protect the work in the long term. To support the fundraiser, head over to the gofund.me campaign linked here.

We had the pleasure of having Jim speak at the Analogue Spotlight 2023 event in Nottingham and it’s an understatement to say the impact of his words, testimony, and project is very powerful. His PC had fried just before the event however, so he had to use his smartphone to do the presentation.

Jim Mortram speaking about Small Town Inertia at Analogue Spotlight 2023
Jim Mortram speaking about Small Town Inertia at Analogue Spotlight 2023

If you haven’t heard of Jim’s project before which has also been published in a photobook “Small Town Inertia”, check it out here.

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