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Film Photography News and Interesting Reading – 25/2/2019 – By Ray Goodwin

February 26, 2019

Who’s This?

The Yasuhara is a little known LTM rangefinder from Japan – Howard writes a nicely detailed review about the T981 over on Emulsive. An uncommon camera, that might not be perfect, though it’s not without charm

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Monochromatic Out of 100

Fomapan 100 is a great monochromatic film – Josh from Casualphotophile posts a review about the fantastic bang it provides. The post details the films use, how it looks and if it’s worth the time.

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The (Kinda) Terrible Ten

Canny Cameras is back with another top 10 list, but this time with 10 not-so-fantastic cult cameras. Some are surprising, and some are not so surprising. Take a look at the list – how many have you owned?

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Cult Status

The Yashica T series has garnered some serious cult status over the last few years as one of the most desirable compact 35mm film cameras – Kosmo Foto has put together a nicely comprehensive ‘Kosmopedia’ on the T4 & T5. If you aren’t up on your compact knowledge, why not give it a read?

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Ever wondered if those Kodak Instamatics that fill charity shops have any use? Or if a 126 format camera can even be used? Theo from Photothinking details his use of a Kodak Instamatic 133 – gives the126 film format a use in this new digital age a decade after it was discontinued.

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No Joke!

Fujifilm are at it again. If they aren’t cutting a substantial roster of their film, they’re increasing the price of what they still have – and to add insult to injury, they’re increasing the price on April 1st. Despite in the digital age of rising analogue use, a vast conglomerate such as Fujifilm feel the need to increase their RRP. Is this help sustain the making of film, or just grab more money?

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Portable Tin Types

Justin Borucki is a New York based tin type photographer – Emulsive shared a rather interesting post about Borucki’s portable setup.

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