The Traveling Yashica (Vácszentlászló, Hungary)

By Anonymous

When I got the Yashica I planned to take it out for a few days shoot it and then send it immediately to the next host. As you could guess this did not happen.

A few weeks ago I got a notification from twitter, Hamish was getting me in touch with the previous host in Madrid for preparing the arrival of the Traveling Yashica. So this time after Julián the little camera ventured further to the east of Europe, now to Budapest and nearby.


I mainly shoot rangefinders but I am also obsessed with point and shoot cameras. I was having a few rolls on a borrowed T4 before but what I personally use a lot is the Olympus mju II. The choice is reasonable because contrary to the Yashicas they were sold locally so they are more available on the second hand market and not to mention a lot cheaper. My sweet spot for p&s cameras is kind of a chicken and the egg question because I prefer the snapshot style photography for example Lars Tunbjörk or Anders Petersen does.


When shooting other cameras I also like this aesthetic, background are as important on my pictures as the subjects, if not more. You could already have a guess that I shoot street photography a lot and you are right, I am a member of a collective called budapestreet focusing on mainly our capital but our agreed rule when it comes to editing is more open.


What I like about street photography was the revelation that I do not have to travel abroad for making good pictures because good pictures are everywhere. You just have to watch carefully. I try to bring this idea further narrowing down the possibilities intentionally and I am working on a project-thing shot in my garden and in the very close neighborhood.


Lately I was hiking in the forest with colleagues, I am not a hiker type of person and wasn’t shooting nature since my early ‘flower-macro-sunset’ era, but I was fascinated by the almost infinite possibilities using my street photographer mindset out there so I want to work on this too.


When I got the Yashica I was getting quite busy in my day job when it arrived and since Kertész and Erwitt we know that day jobs are important for keeping our shooting healthy. Of course the summer weather turned bad raining days long.


So it took me a week and I was shooting only two rolls of my color film of choice Superia 400 xtra. This is the only color film I use. I like the fuji colors against the overly popular Portra, I use it since it is available, I can get it pretty cheap, under 3 euros a roll. I shoot a lot so this is an important factor. There is a nearby company who develops my C41 stuff with a Frontier doing both the dev and the scanning. These two rolls are their work too, I use these small 1800×1200 scans as work scans for web and I let scan the keepers on a good quality Epson V700 after.


About future plans I have to say in 35mm I switched to black and white. For color I will use Fuji Instax further. I am doing b/w on my own since a half year, both film dev and enlarging and I have to say the quality of a black and white print is incomparable with scanned negatives. So now I scan the prints. My workflow is now developing about 30 rolls, 5 at once, making contact sheets, editing down and printing the ones I like. I am in a bit delay posting 3-6 month pictures, I have already 30 rolls developed waiting for contact prints and 20 undeveloped.


Thank you to every one involved in the project, it was a great fun!




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