The Traveling Yashica: Antonella Guarracino, Dublin

If you, like me, have every now and then contemplated shooting street photography but have been held back by a sense of uneasiness at the thought of driving attention to yourself, then you may want to try the Yashica T5. To be honest, I wasn’t thinking of using it to take photos of people in the street the moment I put my name down, but then this summer has proved to be way more hectic than I expected and I’ve ended up shooting only while going (or should I say running?) from A to B. Kind of unexpected was also the brilliant sunshine while the camera was visiting – so brilliant I loaded it with a 100 ISO slide film.

Although my experience with the Yashica has been nothing but positive, I don’t see myself going out and buy a point and shoot camera for myself any time soon. As for taking photos of people in the street, I don’t see myself keeping at it either.

Here are some of the moments I stole on and around Midsummer’s day in Dublin.







Head to my personal blog to see a few more photos.

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