5 Frames with a Pentax ME – By Oliver Clarke

When traveling for work, it can be hard to find time and reasons to step outside the office and explore the new place you are in. Photography gives you that reason and the Pentax ME is the perfect companion when you only have a short time to walk around over lunch or in the evening.

It’s small enough to fit in a large pocket or your bag, built like a small tank and sports a fast 50mm 1.7 lens. The aperture priority makes it easy to concentrate of composition and the enormous viewfinder lets you really watch what’s going on around you – without feeling like you’re missing out by staring through your camera.

On my most recent trip, I spent some very enjoyable lunch breaks and evenings wondering around Kathmandu and Pokhara, talking to people, eating and taking photos. Using a limited supply of film with is just what you need to cut through the hustle and bustle of these cities and gain some unique perspectives.

Barkeeper – Pokhara (Fomapan 200, +2 Stops)

Building Materials – Pokhara (Fuji C200)

Wall – Kathmandu (Ilford HP5)

The Merry Shopkeeper – Kathmandu (Ilford HP5)

Tyre pressure (Ilford HP5)

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5 thoughts on “5 Frames with a Pentax ME – By Oliver Clarke”

  1. Hi:

    Perhaps that “Tyre pressure” photo might be renamed to something like “Chain Snafu”

    When shooting film, I found this helpful: How Exposure Affects Film Photos

    With aperture priority on that camera, I would not be surprised if its light sensor gives a shifted value, maybe decreasing shutter’s speed to compensate. ISOs have “stops” also, and I suspect you shifted ISO in BarKeeper shot. FWIW, this article may be of interest to others.

    In that store keeper shot, I would have opted for a smaller aperture, via hyperfocal shot, with a higher film speed. But, if camera’s light sensor is off….

    Your camera ISOs range from 12 to 1600, but if light sensor is shifted, I suspect shutter speeds are decreased, which would mean ISO would have to be bumped up to compensate, if true. If true, a B&W film like Ilford FP4Plus ISO 125 (or slower) might be considered. As they say, “FP4 Plus is robust and will give usable results even if it is overexposed by as much as six stops, or underexposed by two stops.”

    Your Forman 200 film can tolerate “…overexposed by 1 EV (exposure value) (as ISO 100/21o) or underexposed by 2 EV (as ISO 800/30o).”



    This is the only B&W film I know of that has a wide range of “forgiveness.”

    SEE: http://www.guidetofilmphotography.com/black-and-white-film.html

  2. Wayne Schwartz

    Among my collection of Pentax film cameras I have an ME and an ME Super. Great cameras and great glass. Only shoot B&W
    and even that is getting harder to find and process. My MX is close to 40 years old and still going strong. Love a manual only

    1. Thank you Lilianna, that was probably my favourite shot of the trip. Taken at the end of a long night out. I did send a copy of the photo to the bar but never did hear back if it had been received. Hoping to see it hanging behind nd the bar next time I get out there.

  3. Nice Pokhara and Kathmandu pics with the Pentax ME !!!
    Love my ME und MEsuper very much ! Very small and lightweight ! Excellent design ! One of the best viewfinders i have ever seen.
    My favourite lenses on these cameras are SMC-M 50mm f1.4 and SMC-M 28mm f2.8.
    For macro pics and 40mm situations i use the underrated SMC-A 35-70mm f4.

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