pre-exposed HALO film from hanalogical

Hanalogital Releases New Pre-exposed Color Film HALO

HANALOGITAL is releasing a new film called HALO! The new pre-exposed film will join the online store’s line-up of experimental films from the end of July onwards.

pre-exposed HALO film from hanalogital
Image courtesy of Hanalogital

The experimental film shop is run by Hanna who is based in Germany and initially discovered the concept of film soups via Lomography. She has been selling her souped film since April 2020 when she decided to make them available for other film enthusiasts. 

portrait of Hanna
Image courtesy of Hanalogital

Hanna was shooting digital when she discovered Lomography, and after that she began to dive back into film, “To this day, I like the occasional blurring of my analog photos and the deceleration that comes with photographing with film. I choose my subjects more consciously and spend the time outside taking pictures much more mindfully and calmly.”

It was on the Lomography website that she also came across film souping. Hanna says, “I was immediately enthusiastic about these film experiments, but it took me a while to dare myself to my first own film soup.” 

portrait of Hanna
Image courtesy of Hanalogital

I tried a couple of Hanna’s films this spring and am hooked. Film soup lends itself to creative souls that love to bask in the glory of the unexpected and unique. The SPRING 2022 and OPAL HANALOGITAL films came with me to a RHS Flower show this past spring, joined by the FED 2 rangefinder. The results were otherworldly and some of my favorite shots I’ve taken this year.

RHS Flower show Malvern crowd outside on sunny day shot on Hanalogital Spring 2022 film
Image taken on Spring 2022 Hanalogital film at the RHS Malvern Flower show (by Molly Kate)

Hanna also created a book about film souping. FILM SOUP by HANALOGITAL is “a unique guide dedicated to the manipulation technique of “film soup”. It includes a lot of helpful information for enthusiasts that would like to try film souping at home. The hardcover book is comprehensive, starting with a discussion on what film soup is and ending with a few recipes to get readers going.

airy photo of hanalogital film soup book
Hanalogital Film Soup book, Image by Molly Kate

If you would like to check out HANALOGITAL and grab the new HALO film, click here to head over to Hanna’s online shop

pre-exposed HALO film from hanalogital
Image courtesy of Hanalogital

You can also find Hanna posting about her experiments, films, and other cool products on her Instagram. She says, “I have since tried over 100 different film soups. The joy of experimentation is still there today and I never get tired of trying out new recipes again and again.” 

Recently, she posted about experiments with black and white souped film which is absolutely going on my long list of film photography items to try next!

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    1. Hi Technician – I absolutely love using these films and so do a lot of people. I love that the films create cool unique effects that cannot be replicated usually. It’s the scarcity of uniqueness and its experimental nature of it that is compelling for me. You never know what you will get! Don’t knock something you have not tried yet until you do 🙂 Hope that helped your understanding a bit more!

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