Website wobbles – let me know if you spot any issues.

I wouldn’t normally make this much of a deal out of this, but we have been having some issues with the website recently.

If you are just reading the website, you might notice it being a little slower than normal.

If you are a paid subscriber, I think everything should be back to normal, but please let me know if anything has changed.

If you are a contributor, you will likely notice some error messages in the back end. You should be able to work around these and have an otherwise normal experience. If not, please let me know!

Apologies, I am working on fixes…

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11 thoughts on “Website wobbles – let me know if you spot any issues.”

      1. Yes I did – I’m using Safari 14.1.2 running under macOS 10.14.6
        The problem seems a bit different today. The banner which cycles thru’ 4 images at the top the screen is now back to the full width black area with text on the LH side but no images. Still no images in the articles. The whole site is 100% OK when viewed thru’ Chrome

  1. Hi Hamish,
    I commented on Aivaras post earlier this afternoon but my comment disappeared in nirvana. It was simply gone, no remark such as waiting for approval.
    Not sure whether this will make it through.
    By the way, not sure whether subscription to follow-up comments on articles works. Whenever I subscribe to comments, I receive an email to confirm, which I do, then WordPress says I’m subscribed, but then I never receive any email notifications.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you, Hamish, for bringing back the comments which probably takes quite a bit of your time while you are analysing the root cause.

  3. This is a logged out comment using a different email address (I notice my picture came up on the previous unapproved comment even though i wasn’t logged in…)

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