35mmc Shop is Back (with a few bits of my gear on “sale”)

After the website went down a month or so back, the last thing on my mind was getting the shop back up and running. Since the dust has now settled, I thought it about time I relaunched it.

You can find it here. I have even knocked a few quid off a few of the bits of kit I have been trying to sell.

It’s all for a good cause too. I have just had a fairly sizeable quote to have the website totally rebuilt. I have decided to go ahead with the work, as I have just got to the point I just can’t maintain it, or find anyone to fix some of the bugs that continue to hang around.  Cash from the sale of this kit is going to go into the kitty towards the rebuild.

In short, if you like this website, and would like to see it running much faster, and you like the look of any of the gear on sale then helping yourself will also be helping me make this website better for you and everyone else. What more motivation do you need…?

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11 thoughts on “35mmc Shop is Back (with a few bits of my gear on “sale”)”

  1. Hi Hamish, lookin good. Just a note to specify “mount” in the MS-Optics 50 1.0 listing. Now you know it’s an M-mount, but I know this only because I looked it up. For those of us whose basis in Rangefinder lenses is limited to LTM, this is a useful bit to know.

      1. Well, I consider the MS-Optics lens. I live in Czechia and am a bit afraid of VAT and other duties. (Brexits wake…)

  2. Mark Williams

    Hi Hamish
    Hope this is successful.
    I would like to make a contribution, if this is OK, by donating some little-used film kit of mine with proceeds going as you see fit to support the site. I have 2 Pentax film SLRs and some lenses which may be of interest?
    I can email details, condition etc. if you think this a good idea let me know.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Mark,
      I have thought about this, and I can’t accept it. I really appreciate the generosity, but I feel like this is my responsibility to fund. I did in fact consider trying to raise funds through some sort of crowd fund, but for the same reason I decided I couldn’t. I hate to seem ungrateful, so sorry if that’s the case.
      Thank you very much for the offer!

      1. Hi Hamish
        Thanks for your consideration. I fully understand your decision. I will ensure they go to good home(s) where they will be appreciated and used.

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