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By Hamish Gill

I have never, and will never demand anything in return for the work I put into 35mmc – it will always remain free for people to read and enjoy!

With that said, if you enjoy reading 35mmc, then you’re enjoying the product of a huge amount of time and effort I have put into growing the site since 2013. As such, I set up my Patreon page simply for those who wish to contribute a small amount of cash toward the cause, support me and the work I put in, and help me spend more time making the site grow bigger, better, stronger, faster, more productive etc.

For $1 you get to support me and the website and nothing but a bit of a warm feeling in your tummy in return. For $2 (or any amount more depending on your generosity) you get a warm(er) feeling, an ad-free experience on the site, and access to all of my behind the scenes updates over on Patreon!

If that sounds like something you’d like to do, then please get involved here!

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By Hamish Gill
I started taking photos at the age of 9. Since then I've taken photos for a hobby, sold cameras for a living, and for a little more than decade I've been a professional photographer and, of course, weekly contributor to 35mmc.
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