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FujiFilm E-550

FujiFilm E-550 Review – A Balancing Act – By Adam Kendall

The E-Series cameras from FujiFilm are, as I have come to realize, are simply complex. The E-500/510, E-900 and Fujifilm E-550 that sits between the two are both progression and compromise exemplified. I don’t get it. In some areas each model is more capable than the last, but in others, the cameras are less capable. Overall though, the E-550 falls right between the basic entry level E-500 and advanced E-900. More or less, this is a good thing.

FujiFilm E-900

FujiFilm E-900 Review – a Sublime Paradox – By Adam Kendall

The FujiFilm ‘E’ series of cameras offer the user a classic, straight-forward experience. This is especially true of the FujiFilm E-900 – the designers took what worked from the past models (a sort of digital rangefinder) and gave it a  proper boost. And a boost it was! The E-900 saw both cosmetic and performance upgrades that justified its price tag. In 2005 the camera was quite impressive, and to me, still remains so in 2020. In some respects, even more so than 15 years ago. Buying a second one at Charity Shop must mean something, right?

FujiFilm E-510 – A Digital Compact from a Forgotten Age – By Adam Kendall

It is not often that I have the satisfaction of completing a collection. Back in the late 1990’s, I was able to collect an entire series of Space Shuttle LEGO sets. But since then, nothing. It is not that I did not have an interest in collections… I just did not find anything particularly tempting enough (although I did accumulate quite a collection of yo-yo’s…). That was until around ten years ago: I was gifted a Nikon P-90 for Christmas, and since that time, I have been hooked on photography.

5 Frames with a Ricoh TF-500 – By Adam Kendall

The late 1980’s were, without a doubt, a time of transition. Not only were hit American television shows such as Saved by the Bell and Walker, Texas Ranger on the horizon, compact cameras were continuing to evolve into more capable machines. And among these was the Ricoh TF-500 (also referred to as the Ricoh TF-900). At this point, camera companies were beginning to offer dual focal length fixed lenses. Much like other companies, the Ricoh offered both 35mm and 70mm focal lengths–switchable at the touch of a button atop the camera.

Ricoh FF-90 Super

Ricoh FF-90 Super Review – A Landscape Photographer’s New Companion – By Adam Smith

A couple of months ago I found myself heading to Wilson’s, a local antiques shop. Overlooking the aqua- marine waters of Lake Michigan, this shop is a popular destination for antique hunters, tourists and those that are looking for an indoors activity on a rainy day. I often drive by, telling myself that I should stop in and take a quick look. But as is often the case, I drive by—wondering why I did not just make a quick stop—it’s just a simple right turn after all…

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