Olympus AF-10 Super - Kodak Color Plus 200

5 frames with Olympus AF-10 Super & Kodak Color Plus- By Maurizio Palumbo

Since I was a kid I have always needed to have a camera in my pocket. It was clear what I was supposed to become. Now, I’m a lifestyle & wedding photographer from Italy.
I started taking photos with some point & shoot film cameras, then I used the Konica T3 of my father, and then the digital cameras come in. Now I’m a hybrid photographer. I usually shoot 2 or 3 rolls per wedding with my Leica M2 paired with my Fujifilm digital cameras. I still enjoy taking pictures for personal pleasure, especially during my travels. So I was looking for a compact and simple film camera to bring with me everywhere. Something like the Contax T2/T3 or the Olympus Mji-ii but less expensive.
Thanks to the advice of one of my closest friends, Stefano, I’ve bought an Olympus AF–10 Super from eBay for only 20 bucks. What a deal.