Olympus AF-10 Super - Kodak Color Plus 200
5 frames with...

5 frames with Olympus AF-10 Super & Kodak Color Plus- By Maurizio Palumbo

May 2, 2020

Since I was a kid I have always needed to have a camera in my pocket. It was clear what I was supposed to become. Now, I’m a lifestyle & wedding photographer from Italy.
I started taking photos with some point & shoot film cameras, then I used the Konica T3 of my father, and then the digital cameras come in. Now I’m a hybrid photographer. I usually shoot 2 or 3 rolls per wedding with my Leica M2 paired with my Fujifilm digital cameras. I still enjoy taking pictures for personal pleasure, especially during my travels. So I was looking for a compact and simple film camera to bring with me everywhere. Something like the Contax T2/T3 or the Olympus Mji-ii but less expensive.
Thanks to the advice of one of my closest friends, Stefano, I’ve bought an Olympus AF–10 Super from eBay for only 20 bucks. What a deal.

When I got it, I followed the tutorial by Hamish – “Flash switch hack for the Olympus AF–10 super” – to manually use the flash.

The camera itself is so simple that the first time that I used it I was thinking the roll would come out blank. Instead, the first roll came out perfectly. It has a good and responsive Auto Focus system with the ability to lock the focus by half-press the shutter button, move, reframe and shot. I’ve never missed a shoot.

Since the camera is fully automatic you can’t select the ISO. It reads the DX code on the roll, so if you want to push your film you have to modify the DX code. The camera will read the roll as 50iso film if you just cover it.

The lens is a 35mm f/3.5. It may sound not good enough for night photography but It worked fine for me. Hamish has also written about how well it is suited to low light shooting here. It’s not a Zeiss lens of course, but it’s sharp enough and with almost no vignette. I loved the contrast too.

The camera is so small that you can take it in your pocket and forget about it. I’m trying hard to find some cons about it but for this price, I think that It’s very a good deal. It’s such a “basic camera” that it works perfectly.

I’ve taken some photos with a cheap roll of Kodak Color Plus 200 ISO film, and developed at home with the Tetenal Colortec C–41 kit.

Olympus AF-10 Super - Kodak Color Plus 200

Olympus AF-10 Super - Kodak Color Plus 200

Olympus AF-10 Super - Kodak Color Plus 200

Olympus AF-10 Super - Kodak Color Plus 200

Olympus AF-10 Super - Kodak Color Plus 200

For more photos feel free to follow me on my personal Instagram account or my lifestyle portfolio Instagram account.

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  • Reply
    May 3, 2020 at 7:27 am

    Great shots! I think the same lens is in the Olympus LT1 I have on the way (ebay as well). I too hope to make it my everyday pocket camera. We’ll see.

  • Reply
    May 4, 2020 at 2:19 am

    These are great! I particularly like the final shot with the chair. Thanks for posting.

  • Reply
    May 27, 2020 at 4:36 pm

    Want that chair!

    Don’t know how you found the Super for $20 as everything is like 3-4 times more.

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