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Starting to Learn Flash – Hurdles and Discoveries So Far – By Aivaras

First, a disclaimer: This is flash novices experience. I confess, that I have just touched the tip of iceberg with flash photography and there might be a lot of aspects that I haven’t yet grasp precisely. In case you feel that some things need to be corrected or expanded, please feel free to join and add your opinions below – they will certainly be useful to me, and might well be to others too.

And in case you wonder why I would go as far to write all this without being an expert on the subject? The short answer is that because I can… A longer one, would be that starting to learn flash involved a steep learning curve caused by far too many variables and too much information, which in some cases looked like it contradicted itself. Because of this, what I’m sharing here more like “my way to use flash” and much less of “tutorial on how to learn flash”, but hopefully it will be helpful, or at least interesting, regardless…?

Pentax 50mm f/1.2 SMC lens on Film with a Pentax LX – by Aivaras

This wouldn’t be review of camera body or lens, there are plenty written. What I’ll share is my personal story of how I come to this set. One more aspect why I’m writing this is that when I was considering the Pentax 50mm f/1.2 lens I found there to be a lack of proper film photos within shared results. So what to expect from it? For those who will be exploring the idea of buying this same glass, hopefully, this piece of writing might be useful.

I just had to come to this particular “corner“; a combination of lens and camera body, that most of film Pentaxians should confess they think about.

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