Brian Grossman

Brian Grossman is a fairly smart guy who can't do math so he went to law school. He graduated in the top third of his class from the University of Virginia School of Law, an unrecognized honor of little significance, then returned to his hometown of Richmond to defend wife beaters, drunk drivers and crack dealers. Some time later, after years of therapy and a fistful of antidepressants, he revisited his boyhood hobby, photography. Brian developed his first roll of Tri-X in D-76 as a kid in the late 70s then begged for and received a Canon AT-1 for his bar mitzvah. He had a small darkroom in the downstairs utility closet through high school which he foolishly disassembled so he could "get serious" and attend university. Today his collection is primarily Nikon F-mount and M39 rangefinder. Regrettably, the darkroom is long gone and Brian's negatives are digitized with a Nikon Coolscan and recently a Nikon ES-2 DSLR adapter.

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