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A quote from William Eggleston “I am afraid that there are more people than I can imagine who can go no further than appreciating a picture that is a rectangle with an object in the middle of it, which they can identify. ” I realized long ago I don’t really like taking pictures of pretty things. I’ve been fascinated with “abandoned” things since childhood. As an adult when I see some of the things we’ve left behind I feel many things. Time. Loneliness. Neglect. Death. Reminders that we will all end up like these places and things. This is what I see but maybe you see something different. I'm not really sure what people see or feel when they look at my pictures and it’s really none of my business - Brian Cox

Canon 1Ds

Canon 1Ds Review – Happy 20th Birthday to One of the First Full Frame DSLRs – By Brian M Cox

Canon released the Canon 1Ds on September 24th 2002. It was one of worlds the first full frame DSLRs. It was also in sept of 2002 the US got its first Camera phone. Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake officially broke up. Nelly’s ‘Dilemma’ topped the US top 40 Charts. My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the number one grossing movie. Social Media didn’t exist. 2002 was the last year film cameras outsold digital. It was a fascinating time for photography. Film and digital were at war. A 120 year old proven technology vs one still being developed. It’s a camera and a time in the history of photography that has been buried with the passage of time.

Sigma DP1 Merrill – Finding perspective in the Mojave Desert – By Brian Cox

This camera will teach you the meaning of tough love. It has a very low tolerance for shooting outside of its comfort zone and is quick to remind you of its limitations. Many of the online reviews will quickly point out its flaws and they aren’t necessarily wrong. Let’s start with those flaws and my “real world” experience.

Battery life? Yes, as the reviews will tell you it’s terrible. I usually have at least four batteries on me when I take this camera out. On the bright side the battery is shared with the Ricoh GR digital which I already owned and had plenty of spares.

The screen? Yes, that’s bad as well. It’s only useful for composing and that’s also a real challenge in bright daylight. No Chimping here folks. What you see on the screen is not an accurate representation of what you actually captured.

Learning To Lean Into Life’s Unknowns – by Brian Cox

This project started as a way to get back to basics and mend my sometimes volatile relationship with photography.

I love photography and camera’s equally. They are like children in that I love them both equally but in different ways. In true sibling fashion they can sometimes be at odds with one another. As a photographer I’ve always liked to believe that I’m able to get good images from any camera I choose to use. As a camera lover I’m always jumping down the rabbit hole of the thinking how much better my photos could be if I only had XYZ camera. I suppose these photos were a subconscious attempt to please both passions.

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