A Polaroid Pathfinder 110 camera, with an Olympus Trip 35 next to it for scale

Polaroid Pathfinder – Shooting 120 Film In My Father-In-Law’s Essentially Obsolete Camera

My father-in-law is a bit of a packrat. He loves people and he’s always got relevant questions, stories, and of course stuff in his hoard. Tell him what you’re interested in, and he can find an on-topic decades-old postcard, or calendar, or a book. When I got back into film photography over the past couple of years, he dug into his trove and started hauling out cameras. Boxes of cameras, really, some from as far back as World War II. The one featured in this article is a bit later in the century, but still what most people would consider obsolete: a Polaroid Land Camera Pathfinder model 110.