Author name: Christoph Traugott

Found Photos: Dry Glass Plates taken by Dallas R. Sweney – By Christoph Traugott

Here are a few samples from the collection of Glass Plates taken by Dallas R. Sweney (1883-1958), who lived at 807 Spring Street, Peoria, IL. In the early 1920s, Dallas was briefly a commercial photographer, the studio was located at 229 North Adams, present day site of the Mark Twain Hotel in Peoria, Illinois; included are Family and Vacation Pictures, Studio Portraits, Theater and Circus Performers, and group and training shots of the 33rd Division of the American Expeditionary Force, 1st Cavalry Troop G from Peoria.

Found Photos: Romaine Oberer Franzgrote Photo Archive – By Christoph Traugott

Here we have fun and whimsical family treasures, with an epic backstory, spanning 1929 to 1959, but also covering various events and locales around the Central Illinois area. Around 1,000 negatives in various film formats, most in 130, which are 2⅞” × 4⅞ inch (7x12cm) Postcard format images, one of the known cameras was the No. 2C Autographic Kodak Series III. The extended family has graciously allowed for the digitization and display of Romaine Oberer’s images.

Found Photos – Glass Slide Collection of John Voss, Ph.D. (1895 – 1948) – By Christoph Traugott

This here is the Glass Slide Collection of John Voss, Ph.D. (1895 – 1948) Plant Ecologist, Principal and Teacher at Manual Training High School, Peoria, Illinois and hobbyist photographer. John Voss, in the late 1930s, took a series of grand photo tours of Civil War Sites, to be used for educational purposes at Manual Training High School. A collection of John’s photographs were published, entitled “Illinois Wild Flowers.”

Found Photos – Lake Lugano, 1945/46 – By Christoph Traugott

This photos were taken by unknown (as yet) World War II Servicemen and women, likely from Peoria, Illinois going for R&R time at Lake Lugano, Italy. Lake Lugano is a glacial lake which is situated on the border between southern Switzerland and Northern Italy. And on the same trip, a ski outing, staying at the Park Hotel, Alpenhof in Switzerland and Adler Hotel & Erica Schweizerhof, in Lugano, Switzerland.

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