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Chinon Bellami

Chinon Bellami Mini Review – By Dale Willetts

Like many camera hoarders who visit the annual Photography show at the NEC in Birmingham in the UK each year, I find myself irresistibly drawn to the Disabled Photographers Society stand. This year was no exception, and though I had already decided that I wasn’t going to spend a huge amount on dozens of old film cameras, they are a charitable organisation so spending a little would be ok… perhaps even charitable. On the day my usual urge to throw everyone else around the stand out of the way and pillage the analogue treasures before me was to my mind at least commendably restrained, and I eventually only walked away with a couple of purchases (*cough* nine *cough*).

Cosmic 35

Cosmic 35 Review – and a multiple exposure project – By Dale Willetts

I have something of a fascination with with “Soviet” cameras. I have a couple of Feds, A couple of Lubitels, My Zorki 4k that I’ve written about here and way more Zenits than any one person really needs. So of course, when I was looking through my collection to find something to use for a little project I had in mind, and couldn’t find anything that quite fit the bill. I did what any self respecting G.A.S sufferer would do… I hit E-bay. An hour of happy browsing and a couple of more hours of research later and my wallet was once again a little lighter.

Kodak No 2A folding pocket Brownie camera – An Historic Compact – By Dale Willetts

Compact cameras – or pocket cameras, call them what you will – we all know what that means. We all know what they are, and to a degree what we expect them to look like. Of course, a compact camera from the 60’s or 70’s we would expect to look traditionally along the lines of the Olympus Pen series. Going into the 80’s, still sticking with Olympus, we would expect to see something looking like the Trip 35 or maybe the XA series. Go further forward into the 90’s and noughties and the obvious camera to mention would be the infamous mju-ii and it’s family. All compacts, all from the same manufacturer and all similar in their time to what other companies made (at least in the looks department). 

5 Frames with an Exa 500 – by Dale Willetts

This is a fairly new addition to my collection. I bought my Exa 500 just this year at the Photography show at the NEC in March. Every year at the show I always manage to add a camera (or five) to the ever growing collection. One of my first ports of call is always the Disabled photographers charity stand – this year was no different, and as usual my wallet was lighter but my bag was considerably heavier on leaving the stand.

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