David James

Retired former environmental scientist and IT Consultant/software developer. I got the 35mm bug in the early 1970s and owned a Zenit B as my first SLR, followed by a Topcon Unirex, which was a lovely piece of kit. I used to buy bulk Tri-X and HP4, load my own cassettes, and do my own processing and enlarging. I found several layers of bedclothes were adequate for loading bulk film into the loader, and for transferring exposed film to a developing tank. My favoured chemicals at the time were Paterson Acutol developer, with their stop and fixer. I'm always on the lookout for a decent vintage camera and now own a Voigtlander VitoII (1951-ish), a Pentax Spotmatic II, and an Olympus OM10, sadly without the original Zuiko lens

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9 March, 2024

5 Frames with a Voigtlander Vito II

By David James

In my late teens, around 1970, a work colleague invited me round to his place to show me how to print from 35mm film using an enlarger. This moment was a total epiphany for me, ...